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  1. Born digital records from the Patricia G. Schuman Papers, 1990-1997, 2001

    Born-digital records from the Patricia G. Schuman Papers contain correspondence (faxes, memos, and e-mails), speeches, articles and drafts, American Library Association (ALA) statements, committee planning notes, committee agendas and minutes, rosters and budgets, concerning Patricia Schuman's time as ALA President (1991-92). Papers relate primarily to campaigns and actions ...
  2. External Videotapes Records (Digital Surrogates), 1990

    Digital Surrogates from the External Videotapes Records, contains a digitized copy of the Oprah Winfrey Show, "Pompom Squads: Sex Objects?" broadcasted in February, 1990; covers the controversy concerning negative repercussions of college cheerleading and dance team squads, specifically UIUC's Ilinettes, its relationship with sexual crimes on campus, the debate over the Univ...
  3. Faculty, Staff and Student Portraits (Digital Surrogates)

    Includes 5" x 7" and smaller print and negative portraits of faculty, nonacademic staff, families, visitors and students.
  4. Negative and Glass Plate File (Digital Surrogates)

    Negative and Glass Plate File containing negatives and glass plates of prints filed in the Photographic Subject File, RS 39/2/20 and the Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection, RS 26/30/2. Prints of negatives contained in this file are numbered to correspond with the number of the negative on plate.
  5. Carl Sandburg's daughter Margaret Sandburg

    Margaret Sandburg outside on ground, doll nearby, house in background. Box A17. Negative available. [original size 13.9 x 8.2]
  6. Carl Sandburg's daughter Margaret Sandburg

    Margaret Sandburg and unidentified boy playing in the water. Box A-18. Negative available. [original size 8.5 x 13.9]
  7. Carl Sandburg's daughter Margaret Sandburg

    Close-up of Margaret Sandburg's face as a child. photograph is blurry. Box A-19. Negative available. [original size 6.2 x 3.6]
  8. Baby Janet Sandburg sitting in tall grass

    Janet Sandburg, as an infant, in tall grass, playing. Box A20. Negative available. Photograph can also be found as Janet1-12.
  9. Two boys seated looking at each other

    Two boys, looking at each other. Box A4. Negative available.
  10. Tennis court

    Wide shot of tennis court with people playing on and around it. Box A13. Negative available.
  11. Sophocles Papas and Carl Sandburg

    Sophocles Papas, wearing a dark suit, playing the guitar. Carl Sandburg is seated next to him and is also wearing a dark suit and red tie. In the background, Papas' wife is looking on. A negative of this photograph can be found at Sandburg/Asheville B08-04.
  12. Carl Sandburg's daughters Helga Sandburg and Janet Sandburg with dog

    Helga Sandburg and Janet Sandburg and a dog under trees. Box A-7. Negative available. [original size 7.2 x 11.7]
  13. Janet Sandburg and the dog

    Janet Sandburg and dog outdoors. Box A-8. Negative available. [original size 14.5 x 8.7]
  14. Carl Sandburg and children in group

    Group photograph: Janet, Helga, Carl Sandburg and four unidentified people posing outdoors. Box A5-22. Negative available. [original size: 8.7 x 14.5]
  15. Carl Sandburg's daughter Margaret Sandburg

    Margaret Sandburg outside in spring/summertime, sitting on ground. Box A-17. Negative available. [original size 13.8 x 8.2]
  16. Carl Sandburg's daughter Margaret Sandburg

    Margaret Sandburg in winter coat and hat. Box A-19. Negative available. [original size 5.9 x 4.2]
  17. Children playing in treehouse

    Several children, possibly the Sandburg daughters, in a treehouse. Box A3. Negative available.
  18. Eugene Debs holding Carl Sandburg's daughters

    Eugene Debs standing behind a bench holding Helga Sandburg and Janet Sandburg. Box A10. Negative available. [original size 14.4 x 9.1]
  19. Carl Sandburg's wife and daughters

    Janet, Helga, Lilian Paula, and Margaret Sandburg, beside rushes at pond. Box A-11. Negative available. [original size 8.9 x 14.8]
  20. Carl Sandburg's children at chalkboard

    Janet Sandburg and Helga Sandburg at chalkboard. Box A5-15. Negative available. [original size: 14.7 x 8.9]
  21. Carl Sandburg's daughter Margaret Sandburg with Oma

    Oma standing outside holding Margaret Sandburg. Box A-15. Negative available. [original size 10.1 x 6.3]