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  1. Douglas Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "Organized in April, 1885, the Douglas Club has its quarters at 3518 Ellis Avenue."
  2. Indiana Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Indiana Club was organized in 1883, for the purpose of promoting social intercourse among its members and their families. The Club occupies the premises at 3349 Indiana Avenue, a handsome and commodious two story brick house, furnished throughout with every comfort and luxury. The billiard and pool rooms, the bowling alley and the dressing rooms are on the ...
  3. Lakeside Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: ""The Lakeside Club was organized in 1884, for the purpose of promoting social intercourse between its members and their families. Two houses were taken at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Thirtieth Street, and here the Club remained until 1888, when the new Club house on Indiana Avenue (between Thirty-first and Thirty-second Streets) was opened with a grand New Ye...
  4. LaSalle Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The LaSalle Club is a political and social organization. All the leading Republican politicians belong to it, and it is the centre of Republican activity in Chicago. … Organized in 1884 … early in 1888 it took possession of the fine building it now occupies, at 252 West Monroe Street, formerly the residence of C. C. Holton, Esq. The house is of marble, three s...
  5. Oaks Club
    Image | 1888

    Caption: "Austin Library Building and Club House." From text: "The Oaks was organized in January, 1882, and incorporated September 3d, 1884, its object being to promote social intercourse between its members and their families. In its early days the club occupied rooms in the Giles Block until the building was destroyed by fire November 13th, 1885, at which time it suffere...
  6. Standard Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Standard Club was organized in 1869, and chartered February 14th, 1887. The object for which it was formed is the social and mental improvement of its members by social intercourse and by various educational means, to-wit: The establishment and maintenance of a library, a gymnasium, a theater, a lecture and music hall, a reading room, the collection of paint...
  7. Union Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Union Club was organized in 1878 … In 1881, the present handsome club house was built. Admirably situated on Washington Place (at the corner of Dearborn Avenue) it attracts the attention of every passer-by by the grace and beauty of its proportions. As you pass through the broad front door, you enter a spacious hall with walls and ceiling of exquisitely car...
  8. Al Capone
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "His Favorite Pose" Here is an excellent likeness of Alphonse Capone, the Big Boy of Chicago Gangland, and the greatest gangster that ever lived. When King Al poses for a photograph which isn't often, he always turns his right cheek to the camera. The left one is disfigured by an ugly scar. Legend has it that Capone was struck by a machine gun bullet when he was...
  9. Jim Colosimo and Dale Winter
    Image | 1920

    Caption: "A rare photograph of "Big" Jim Colosimo and his wife, Dale Winter, taken shortly after their marriage. Note the laced shoes. Colosimo, over-lord of the Chicago underworld for twenty years, engaged Capone as his body guard when Alphonse was only a youngster." From text: "On March 29, 1920, Colosimo divorced his wife, Victoria, and on April 16 he was married to Da...
  10. Scene after Tony Lombardo's assassination
    Image | 1928

    Caption: "Tony Lombardo, King of the Mafia, and a lieutenant for Alphonse Capone. (Left) Madison and Dearborn Streets where Lombardo was assassinated one summer afternoon."
  11. Dominck Aiello's assassination site
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Dominck Aiello, minor member of the North Side gang. (Lower photograph) The last public appearance of Dominck Aiello."
  12. Scene after William McPadden's assassination
    Image | 1928

    Caption: "Not passed out, but passed n. William "Gunner" McPadden, an ally of Danny Stanton, was killed in the famous Granada Café on the eve of the New Year, 1929, by George Maloney, killer de luxe for Michael "Bubs" Quinlan, bourbon baron." The Granada Cafe was located at 68th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.
  13. Alphonse Capone and John Stege
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Alphonse Capone, released from a Philadelphia jail, set Chicago on its ears, when he appeared unheralded in the office of John Stege, Commissioner of Detectives, and blandly inquired if he was wanted for anything. Capone with his attorney was then escorted to the Federal building where the same question was put to the United States District Attorney. On the same ...
  14. Commercial Insurance Company's Building
    Image | 1869

    Lettering in illustration reads: "Commercial Insurance Company's Building 160 & 162 Washington St. Chicago." Text reads: "We have become so accustomed to look eastward for successful and reliable insurance companies, that we often overlook those at our own doors, which, in all the essentials of solvency, are the peers of any in the land. Among these the Commercial Insuranc...
  15. Union Stock Yards
    Image | 1893

    some 200 acres being devoted to yards, etc., while the balance is occupied by railroad tracks and car sidings. Before you, as you enter the main arch-way, is a town with twenty miles of streets, twenty miles of water-troughs, fifty miles of feeding troughs and about seventy-five miles of water and drainage pipes... Just inside the entrance to the Union Stock Yards is the Ex...
  16. Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences

    Seal of the Society.
  17. Mrs. Raymond Robins
    Image | 1922

    From text: "… the Chicago Women's Trade Union League, of which Mrs. Raymond Robins was then President. ... A Strike Committee was immediately organized by the League and began to work through the following sub-committees: Strike fund committee, of which Mrs. Robins was Chairman."
  18. Officers of Local Union No. 183
    Image | 1903

    the leaders were dismissed and have never been reinstated. This same young girl, a victim of the conditions under which she worked, when dying of consumption, was still a leading spirit."
  19. Michael Donnelly addressing crowd
    Image | 1904

    Caption: "Michael Donnelly Addressing the Cattle Butchers." From text: " The coming, four years ago, of Michael Donnelly into the stock yards, made us conscious of a renaissance, that, owing to many forces not in evidence until he organized the workers, made them as well as ourselves conscious of their social value. Mr. Donnelly ... secured his first dozen cattle butchers...
  20. Union Defense Committee of Chicago
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Union Defense Committee, Organized in 1861 (Through this Representative Body of Chicago Citizens the First Regiments were Placed in the Field, Civilians Organized, and Chicago's Reputation for "Doing Things" Established) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Individuals portrayed are: Judge Thomas Drummond, Judge George Manierre, Julian Rumsey, Jo...
  21. State University of Iowa. Libraries.

    Library building
  22. University of California, Berkeley. Library.

    with decorative frame of leafing trees.
  23. Illinois College. Library.

    Library rules
  24. Georgetown County Memorial Library
    Image | 1960

    ""One of South Carolina's finest. The library grew from the original Library Society which was organized before 1800. The new building was completed in 1953 and was remodeled and expanded from the old Georgetown jail which was built around 1824."" Postcard was never mailed.
  25. Winyah Indigo Society and Public Library, Georgetown, S. C.
    Image | 1940

    ""The Winyah Indigo Socety, organized in 1740 by Indigo planters, was given a Royal Charter by King George in 1758. Members paid dues in Indigo, which was sold for funds to educate children as far south as Charleston, South Carolina, up to the North Carolina State Line."" Postcard was never mailed.
  26. Milton Public Library
    Image | 2008

    Friends of the Milton Public Library, 121 Union St., Milton, DE 19968. Milton Library Association was organized in January 1875 and incorporated in 1883. The first library was in Welch's Drug Store. In December 1913, the library became part of the Milton New Century Club and was located in the J.O.A.M. Building. Then, it was moved to the second floor of the Palmer Building u...
  27. Yitzchak Moore Interview (Part I)

    Moore discusses his background as an engineer during World War II, how the brigade was organized and the first battle at Latrun, Bin Nun I.
  28. World’s Columbian Exposition Woman’s Building

    A black and white photograph of the exterior of the Woman's Building at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. Source: Arnold, C. D. Collection of Photographs Illustrating the Construction and Progress of the World's Columbian Exposition. 1893. Dimensions: 10"x13".