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  1. Arthur Endres Kraeckmann Correspondence, 1906, 1915-1925

    Consists of handwritten correspondence from Arthur Kraeckmann to Mabel Louise Ruehe, a close, personal friend and a fellow graduate of the University of Illinois, dated from 1915-1924. Also consists of one undated photograph of Mabel Louise Ruehe and a graduation announcement for Waukegan High School Class of 1906. Some correspondence contains concert and recital programs at...
  2. Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection (Digital Surrogates)

    Bernard A. Strauch Photographic Collection, including prints, negatives and plates relating to student activities, building, campus scenes, colleges, conferences, commencements, interscholastic circus, bands, faculty, military, alumni reunions, Champaign and Urbana, student organizations, presidents and visitors. Other Strauch photographs relating to athletic activities and ...
  3. Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Photograph File (Born Digital Records), -2015

    Born Digital Records from the Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Photograph File, includes born digital photographs and digitized images, concerning the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences faculty, alumni, students, awards, research projects, conferences and meetings, social activities, research equipment and infrastructure. A repre...
  4. Alpha Kappa Alpha Newsletters and Photographs (Digital Surrogates), 1952-1977

    Digital Surrogates from the Alpha Kappa Alpha Records contain digitized issues of Gamma House sorority Newsletter (1966, 1969 -70, 1977), chapter and house photographs, and newspaper clippings (1952-69). Materials also include a finding aid for group photograph identification. Access copy available upon request.
  5. Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering Photograph File (Born Digital Records)

    Born Digital Records of the Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering Photograph File contain photos, videos, and web pages concerning the General Engineering spring picnic, the undergraduate program curriculum.
  6. ISGS Illinois Historical Landstat Photograph Collection

    The ISGS’ Landsat photographic print archive is unique in a few important aspects. The 27 prints, which have acquisition dates between 1975-1979, date back to the two earliest Landsat satellite missions. Despite the comparably coarse ground spatial resolution, they portray the ground surface of Illinois as it appeared prior to widespread adoption of conservation tillage/no t...
  7. Engineering Scrapbooks (Digital Surrogates), 1894-1969

    Digital Surrogates from the Engineering Scrapbooks, contains digitized scrapbooks including newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, article reprints, and photographs concerning the history of the College; the Railway Engineering program; engineering research; faculty and staff accomplishments and innovations; conferences, events, and symposia; and the activities of women...
  8. Harlan D. Fairchild Photographic Collection (Digital Surrogates)

    Photograph collection of Harlan G. Fairchild '30, (1908-93) including prints of photographs taken by Bernard A. Strauch and Harlan Fairchild of student activities (1920-41), athletic teams and events -- especially baseball and football (1911-36), buildings and campus views, interscholastic track meets (1927-42), commencement (1930-43), military inspections and reviews (1927-...
  9. Fred K. Monroe Photograph, Instrument, and Uniform, 1924-1930

    Sousa Band hat and uniform, and photograph of Fred K. Monroe in the hat and uniform.
  10. Hunleth Music Store Sheet Music and Photograph Collection, ca. 1880-1970

    Consists primarily of published sheet music collected by the Hunleth Music Store in St. Louis documenting nearly all areas of musical production during the first half of the twentieth century. Also includes a small number of collector photographs documenting primarily Midwestern classical and opera music at the turn of the 19th-20th century.
  11. Scanned Photograph File (Digital Surrogates)

    Scanned Photograph File including images digitzed by patron request. Includes images from the Photographic Subject File, RS 39/2/20, in addition to other records series. Images are numbered in order to correspond to order of patron request.
  12. Photograph File, 1976-1985, 1987-1994, 2013

    Born-digital images and digital surrogates from ARLIS/NA Photograph File contain selected images from annual conferences of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA).
  13. Richard Brooks Papers and Chief Illiniwek Triptych Panel Mural

    Consists of Chief Illiniwek triptych panel mural (84 x 120 x 2.5 inches), production notes, photograph of retired Chiefs group 80th anniversary, and Chief Illiniwek: A Tribute to an Illinois Edition commemorative edition.
  14. Negative and Glass Plate File (Digital Surrogates)

    Negative and Glass Plate File containing negatives and glass plates of prints filed in the Photographic Subject File, RS 39/2/20 and the Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection, RS 26/30/2. Prints of negatives contained in this file are numbered to correspond with the number of the negative on plate.
  15. University Honors — the Bronze Tablets

    The University of Illinois began the tradition of inscribing the Bronze Tablets with the names of students receiving University Honors in 1925. A new tablet is hung in the Main Library each year. Inscription on the Bronze Tablets recognizes sustained academic achievement by undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to the Student Cod...