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  1. Basketball Game Films and Videotapes (Digital Surrogates), 1959-1970

    Digital Surrogates from Basketball Game Films and Videotapes contain digitized video tapes of Illinois basketball games highlights. Digitized video recordings include the following games: Illinois vs Purdue, 2/14/1970 (3 videos); Illinois vs Iowa, 1/12/1959 (1 video); Illinois vs Ohio State, 2/15/1960 (1 video); Illinois vs Michigan (1/29/83); Illinois vs Michigan (2/12/84);...
  2. Dennis Eberhard Music and Papers, 1967-2005

    Consists correspondence, publicity packets, news clippings, audio-visual recordings, scripts, and original full scores (FS), condensed scores (CS) and parts (P) for compositions created by Eberhard throughout his professional music career. The music and papers are organized in two series: Series 1: Original Music, 1967-2005 and Series 2: Personal Papers, 1968-2005. The ori...
  3. Joseph T. Tykociner Papers (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates)

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from the Joseph T. Tykociner Papers, contains a digitized film concerning Tykociner's contributions to research and in innovation in sound recording as well as in the field of electrical engineering. The digitized film shows a picture of Tykociner's apparatus and describing of its method of operation. Includes pictures of J. T. Tykociner, Jacob...
  4. Kenneth Gaburo Papers, 1936, 1945-93

    Papers of Kenneth Gaburo (1926-93), Professor of Music (1955-68) contain correspondence, published and manuscript musical compositions, sound recordings, motion picture and video recordings, and photographs relating to his compositions and performances, Lingua Press music publishing business, and his New Music Choral Ensemble performance group, Univeristy of California San D...
  5. Motion Picture Center Production Film (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 1966, ca. 1971

    Audiovisual digital surrogates from Motion Picture Center Production Film contain two digitized video recordings concerning student life and events at Illinois. The film on student life includes shots of the Quad, tennis courts, Undergraduate Library construction, speeches on Quad, rehearsal, the Council of Racial Justice Demonstration, and a campaign about U.S. economy in 1...
  6. Motion Pictures (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 1959-1962

    Audiovisual digital surrogates from Motion Pictures contain two digitized video recordings concerning historical moments of the University. Includes the "Founder Days", a black and white sound motion picture film about the University of Illinois covering the land grant movement, the founding and location of the university, financial problems, research activities, tradition a...
  7. Picture Chicago

    Picture Chicago is a collection of images originally published in books about Chicago that were digitized by the University of Illinois' Urbana and Chicago campus libraries. Here you can see photographs of Chicago gangsters, politicians, and early famous Chicagoans; the first taxicab in the city; the early pneumatic tube system installed in the the Chicago Post Office; the d...
  8. To be deleted

    Digital Surrogates from Basketball Game Films and Videotapes contain digitized video tapes of Illinois basketball games highlights. Digitized video recordings include the following games: Illinois vs Purdue, 2/14/1970 (3 videos); Illinois vs Iowa, 1/12/1959 (1 video); Illinois vs Ohio State, 2/15/1960 (1 video); Illinois vs Michigan (1/29/83); Illinois vs Michigan (2/12/84)....
  9. Les vainqueurs de la Marne

    In the middle of the poster is a picture of battlefield with a tank and a burning village. To the left of this image is a French soldier, and to the right an American.
  10. Soldiers Home Grounds - lake
    Image | 1900

    milk cans in picture, one being tipped at edge of lake
  11. William Henry West Betty as Hamlet before bust of Shakespeare
    Image | 1806

    Whole-length. Standing on steps before bust of Shakespeare. After picture by J. Northcote.
  12. Sculpture of Edwin Booth as Hamlet

    Bust. Picture of sculpture of Booth as Hamlet.
  13. Elizabeth Chudleigh as Iphigenia at the Grand Jubilee Ball
    Image | 1749

    Whole-length. Breasts and torso bare
  14. Mrs. Massey as Albina and William Wyatt Dimond as Lord Edward in a scene from "Albina, Countess Raymond"

    Whole-length. Raymond wearing plumed hat and cape, looking at Albina holding miniature. With text: "Alb: 'Here is my picture &c.'"
  15. Group picture of Augustin Daly and his company

    Daly, center, with members of the company gathered around. Caption: "Mr. Daly Reading a New Play to His Company."
  16. Picture of marble bust of Elizabeth Farren
    Image | 1789

    Engraving of marble bust by Mrs. Damer.
  17. Picture of sculpture of Helen Faucit (Helena Saville, Lady Martin)
    Image | 1858

    Whole-length seated, book in hand, books and medallion of Shakespeare on floor. From alto-relievo sculpture by J. H. Foley.
  18. Picture of sculpture of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson

    Bust in marble by Emil Fuchs.
  19. Picture of statue of Sir Henry Irving as Hamlet in "Hamlet"

    Engraved sketch of sculpture by Lord Ronald Gower
  20. Portrait of Frances Anne ("Fanny") Kemble
    Image | 1893

    Whole-length portrait, seated in a garden, wearing shawl and knit cap. With text: "Fanny Kemble in Old Age
  21. John McCullough as Virginius in "Virginius"
    Image | 1887

    Picture of marble bust, or in the style of a marble bust.
  22. Ann Brunton Merry as Sophia in a scene from "The Road to Ruin"
    Image | 1806

    Scene with another female figure, in a room with mantle and picture in background. With text: Sophia: "I would not give you this tiny bit of paper. No not for a diamond as big as, as big as the whole world."
  23. Picture publicizing benefit performance for Joseph Miller, Drury Lane

    View of four figures on stage with banner, "For the Benefit of Joe Miller."
  24. Isabella Mattocks (nee Hallam) as Lady Restless in "All in the Wrong"
    Image | 1792

    Whole-length portrait, seated at table, holding a small picture. With text: "This is really a handsome picture: what a charming countenance!"
  25. Henry Garside Neville in a group picture of the cast of "The Soudan"

    Caption: "The Soudan - 1890". Other actors pictured: Belle Rose, Kate Oesterle, Dan Collyer, Russell Hunting, Harry Hawk, S.E. Springer, Mrs. W.G. Jones, Louise Balfe, Wallie Eddinger, Walter Lewis, Frank Losee, Harry Rose, Lawrence Eddinger, Jeannie Harrold, Nestor Lennon, Eleanor Moretti
  26. Ada Rehan and James Lewis in "A Night Off"

    Scene with Lewis seated, Rehan standing holding picture.
  27. Picture of James Spiller selling tickets to his benefit performance

    Spiller standing in the street under scales, selling tickets to his benefit to a number of persons.
  28. Picture of Margaret ("Peg") Woffington and Kitty Clive fighting

    Original pen and ink drawing of two women fighting, with various other characters looking on. Penciled-in title: "Peg Woffington and Kittie Clive in the Greenroom Shuffle."
  29. Skiff, Frederick W., 1868-1947
    Image | 1902

    Open book surmounted by portrait of dog, antler, rifle
  30. Parmele, George L.

    Motto ('Duce natura sequor') and crest (In grass, otter proper, in his mouth a fish) of Paine (q.v.), heraldic aspect of escutcheon replaced by picture of books and oil lamp.
  31. Buck, John
    Image | 1894

    Picture of manor house
  32. Rasch, Hugo

    Picture of Dutch or similar flat landscape with bare trees on dikes (?), a solitary figure in foreground.
  33. Tabard Inn Library

    Picture of the Tabard Inn yard, colored.
  34. Tabard Inn Library

    Text with multicolored picture of Tabard Inn yard.
  35. Tabard Inn Library

    Tattered picture of Tabard Inn yard attached to wall
  36. Tabard Inn Library

    Multicolored. Picture of the Tabard Inn yard.
  37. Schultz, Otto
    Image | 1906

    Between bookcase columns, a picture window with camed glass showing outlines of deer
  38. Pella y Forgas, Joseph

    Within a picture frame, and immense tree grows out of the center of a walled garden. On the tree a shield (paly of 9) and ribbon tied in bow for mantling.