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  1. Shelly Schmidt for IFT Magazine Article

    2000-013, frame #21a: Shelly Schmidt teaching FSHN 101, for IFT magazine article. Dr. Schmidt lectures using an overhead projector to a room full of undergraduate students Students watching video projected on screen of room (VCI, Virtual Classroom Interface) with quicktime animation / movies on screen. Graduate research assistant Jim Javenkoski operates projector. Original s...
  2. Students watching live video feed
    Image | 2013

    Dan Shike (standing) shows a new live video feed from Dixson Springs to some students (left to right: Chance Meteer, Lindsay Shoup, Bain Wilson) in a conference room in the Animal Sciences Laboratory.
  3. Amet Magniscope

    Thirty-five millimeter film projector made of tin, galvanized metal and brass. It has two film reels and sits on a wood base.