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  1. Gridley, Martin Medbery; Gridley, Ruth Farwell
    Image | 1902

    A man in legal robe and wig reads a large book
  2. Stockhouse, Edna B.

    Within architectural frame, woman reads book, one hand on vase
  3. Balassa, Stephen

    Young man reads in study, on his desk an hourglass, candlestick brightly shining, books
  4. Leiningen-Westerburg, Marie Magdalene, Grafin zu.
    Image | 1903

    Woman with elegant head ornament reads from open_file book.
  5. Miracle, Frederich J.

    Man lies in grass with large open_file book
  6. Bates, Arlo, 1850-1918

    Boy reads large book at table with lily in a vase
  7. Monsalvatje, Joseph

    Printed in red and black. Woman in long gown reads newspaper.
  8. Miracle, Joan B.

    Man wearing early modern Spanish clothes, including ruff, reads a copy of Don Quixote in library
  9. Mesching, Arved

    Woman reads before shelf of books
  10. White, Arnold, 1848-1925

    Young man in medieval garb reads a large book under an arch
  11. Elwood, Harold May
    Image | 1898

    Boy seated on two books holds and reads immense book with clasps
  12. Kansas State Agricultural College

    Youth in tunic and sandals, sickle in belt, reads open_file scroll while walking along rustic path towards helmeted woman
  13. Stewart, John Starr
    Image | 1903

    Man in long robe and sandals reads papers
  14. Denver Athletic Club Library
    Image | 1904

    Within triangular space, bald man in waistcoat and checkered pants reads a book
  15. Monsalvatje, Ramona

    Little girl reads large book, doll on table
  16. Davies, John; Davies, Gertrude

    atop a bookshelf a lit candle
  17. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa)
    Image | 1903

    Woman in Renaissance gown reads a book outdoors.
  18. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa)

    Woman sits in upholstered chair and reads
  19. Majláth, Antal.

    Jester reads while perched on top of death's head.
  20. Reade, Rose

    Woman reads an book before a vase with single rose on stylized bookshelf.
  21. Cowan, Susie

    A woman reads a book on "Bird Life" while birds fly outside against a brilliant sun. Vase and large flowers
  22. Cavalieri, Ios

    she reads a book labeled 'history', the putti carry books labeled 'poetry' and 'art'. Coat of arms. Escutcheon: a palm supported by two stags rampant. Helm and mantling. Owner's name on ribbon.
  23. Stewart, John Starr

    Man in long robe and sandals reads papers
  24. May, Emmet C. (Emmet Claire), b. 1875

    Printed in black and red. Naked man with clown's ruff, buttons and lipstick reclines against frame and reads a large book by the light of a candle in tall holder
  25. Ercolini, Mary Alice
    Image | 1948

    Renaissance woman in embroidered gown reads a copy of Dante's Comedia, and angel with flower and a view of Florence through the window. Artist's name lower left: Vaniver [?]
  26. Heverly, Ned

    Man in easy chair smokes and reads a book while facing immense rolling landscape with distant mountain
  27. Carl Sandburg playing a guitar
    Image | 1938

    Carl Sandburg playing a guitar with a caption which reads, "…one man with whom he most enjoyed singing…" photograph dated 1938.
  28. Inscribed photograph of Vincente Gomez
    Image | 1949

    Inscribed photograph of Vincente Gomez playing the guitar. The inscription reads: "To my good friend and great artist Gregory D'Alessio with my best affection. /s/ Vincente Gomez 1949."
  29. Carl Sandburg profile

    Profile of Carl Sandburg with a caption which reads, "Carl Sandburg, whose novel, REMEMBRANCE ROCK, is published by Harcourt, Brace." Photograph taken by Edward Steichen. Two copies.
  30. Unidentified

    World globe with glasses reads an open_file book, text on cover and spine
  31. Carl Sandburg
    Image | 1939

    Profile of Carl Sandburg, with a caption which reads, "Carl Sandburg, author of Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, to be published December 1, 1939 by Harcourt, Brace and Company." Photograph taken by Eric Schaal in 1939.
  32. Isaac Lincoln's headstone

    Headstone which reads: "Sacred in the memory of Isaac Lincoln who departed this life June 10th, 1816 AE [sic] about 64 Y."
  33. Display of calling cards

    Display of calling cards with notations on them. At the top of the display is a label which reads: "A few samples of card notations Mr. Day gets from pleased customers. They help wonderfully in securing desired interviews."
  34. Carl Sandburg and the Federation of Women's Clubs of America
    Image | 1957

    Associated Press photograph of Carl Sandburg in the middle of a group wearing a suit and bow tie with a caption which reads: "Sandburg hits TV. Poet Carl Sandburg lashed out at TV and the movies last nite before some 3000 members of the federation of womens clubs of America..." photograph dated 1957.
  35. Profile of Carl Sandburg

    Profile of Carl Sandburg with a caption which reads: "Carl Sandburg whose new book, Lincoln Collector, is published by Harcourt, Brace." Photograph by Robert Buchbinder.
  36. Dorothy Young

    Dorothy Young in overalls by a lake. Label on back of photograph reads: "Dorothy Young". Probably Camp Ketchewa. Box A12. Negative available.
  37. Carl Sandburg in a dark suit and golfer's cap

    Carl Sandburg wearing a white cap and suit. Caption reads: "Author Carl Sandburg sports a white cap as he poses at a movie studio where he currently is working as a creative consultant on the movie version of 'The Greatest Story Every Told.' Sandburg is working with director George Stevens on the movie." (AP Wire photograph)
  38. Portrait of Carl Sandburg
    Image | 2015

    Carl Sandburg wearing a black suit, bow tie, and boutonniere. The caption reads: "Carl Sandburg, Poet, AP News Library." photograph dated 15 April 1963.
  39. Portrait of Carl Sandburg

    Portrait of Carl Sandburg. Typed caption reads: "Author of Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years, and many other books published by Harcourt, Brace and Company." This photograph was used for publicity.
  40. Carl Sandburg with an unidentified man

    Carl Sandburg with a man who may be Lew Sarett. The man is holding a pipe. The caption on the back reads: "L. Howard Fox / School of Speech / Northwestern Univ."