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  1. Rev. Dennis Dunne
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Rt. Rev. Dennis Dunne By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". From text: "As a class the Catholic clergy were not noted for their support of the war, and for that reason the unqualified position of the Rt. Rev. Dennis Dunne, pastor of St. Patrick's Church and Vicar-General of the diocese, was all the more conspicuous. ... Father Dunne set about in the Sum...
  2. St. Joseph's Hospital
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] St. Joseph's Hospital, Garfield Ave. and Burling St. [See "Hospitals."]". From text: "The hospital is fitted with all the latest improvements for ventilation, heating, etc., and has accommodations for three hundred patients in wards and private rooms. Of the latter there are fifty, tastefully decorated, supplied with ...
  3. Milwaukee Avenue State Bank
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Milwaukee Avenue State Bank. [See "Banks, State and Private."]". From text: "Location Milwaukee Avenue and Carpenter street. … Successor to the banking house of Paul O. Stensland & Co., the leading financial institution of the northwest section of the city. The former bank had built up a very large business with ...
  4. Weir & Craig Mfg. Co. building
    Image | 1891

    Writing on the side of building, in image: "Machine shop & brass foundry. Plumbers. Steam & gas fitters--Supplies. Weir & Craig Mfg. Company. Iron foundery." From text: "It is only reasonable that in Chicago, which is the center of so many packing houses, there should be a manufactory of packing house machinery, and a firm which makes a speciality of this is the Weir & ...
  5. Reference room
    Image | 1911

    From text: "… the Reference Department, designed to serve and assist readers who may come to pursue their studies within the Library building. This department controls the entire resources of the Library. No card or guaranty of any sort is required, the only condition being that books shall not be taken from the room. All books that circulate for home use may be used here...
  6. Medical examination
    Image | 1902

    From text: "Putting on a pair of carpet slippers, and arrayed in that informal fashion which prevailed in Eden before the fall, he presents himself to the skilled and keen discernment of the examining physician. This disciple of Galen having found the facts of the lodger's physical condition, writes them upon the same record card that holds his story given at the desk belo...
  7. 1975 University Honors
    Image | 1975

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  8. John Philip Kemble as Cato in "Cato"
    Image | 1799

    Whole-length portrait, seated, hand on hilt of sword resting on table, open book in left hand. With text: "It must be so__Plato, thou reasons't well_else why this pleasing hope". Act V, Scene 1.
  9. John Philip Kemble as Cato in "Cato"

    right hand on heart, book in left hand. With text: "It must be so plato, thou reasonest well".
  10. William Brereton as Arnold and Elizabeth Kemble (Whitlock) as Mariana in a scene from "Edward the Black Prince"
    Image | 1806

    Mariana on the ground. With Text: "Mariana -- 'Loss of reason is now but loss of torment -- cruel Arnold'".
  11. Illinois Farmers’ Institute

    Black ink on golden beige paper with a thin black border. Library rules.
  12. New Jersey Traveling Library

    Black ink on beige paper with a version of New Jersey's state seal. Library rules.
  13. Shlomo Shamir Interview (Part I)

    Shamir discusses preparations and preliminary training at Tel Hashomer, Na'an and Hulda. He also discusses the reason for the late start of the first operation.
  14. Second Forest Lord
    Image | 1957

  15. Third Forest Lord
    Image | 1957

  16. List of Swords
    Image | 1957

  17. First Forest Lord
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1957

  18. Sir Oliver Martext
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1957

  19. Silvius
    Image | 1957

  20. Oliver
    Image | 1957

  21. Preliminary Sketch: Male
    Image | 1957

  22. Preliminary Sketch: Male
    Image | 1957

  23. William
    Image | 1957

  24. Orchard Scene
    Image | 1957

  25. Second Courtier
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1957

  26. Silvius
    Image | 1957