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  1. William Henry West Betty as Zanga in "The Revenge"
    Image | 1805

    Whole-length. Wearing turban. With text: "Zanga: 'That dagger found will cause her to enquire.'"
  2. William Brereton as Don Alonzo in "The Revenge"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. With mantle, ruff, hat with feathers, dagger in right hand. With text: "Curse on her Charms! I'll stab her thro' them all."
  3. Mrs. Brooks (nee Watson) as Leonora in "The Revenge"
    Image | 1793

    Whole-length. Wearing long veil fastened to hair. With text: "Your sighs are mine, my Lord and I shall feel them all" Act IV.
  4. Henry Mossop as Zanga in "The Revenge"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait. With text: "Thus perish all that gives Alonzo pain!"
  5. Samuel Reddish as Alonzo in "The Revenge"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait, outside, with a woman in the background, seated. With text: "Ye Amaranths! ye Roses, the the Morn."
  6. Edmund Kean as Zanga in "The Revenge"
    Image | 1815

    looking at dagger in upraised right hand. With text: "But one thing grieves me since my death is near, I leave thee my example how to die".
  7. Revenge! Workingmen, to arms!!!
    Image | 1889

    Caption: "The famous "Revenge" circular." German title: "Rache! Rache! Arbeiter, zu den Waffen!"
  8. William Henry West Betty as Osman in "Zara"
    Image | 1805

    Whole-length. Wearing turban with plume, cape with ermine trim, holding dagger. With text: "Revenge, stand firm, and intercept his wishes."
  9. Edwin Booth as Bertuccio in "The Fool's Revenge"

    Whole-length. Wearing fool's costume, grizzled beard.
  10. Ann Spranger Barry (nee Street) as Phaedra in "Phaedra & Hippolitus"
    Image | 1777

    holding sword in hand. With text: "Now, all ye kindred Gods, look down and see How I'll revenge you, and myself on Phaedra." Act III, Scene 4.
  11. Richard Wilson as Brainworm in "Love and Revenge"
    Image | 1781

    Whole-length portrait, standing, holding a basin. With text: "Your Barber Mr. Smack's Journeyman, at your Service."
  12. Johanan Peltz Interview
    Video | 1997

    Peltz discusses the feeling of vengeance and revenge against the Germans. Also discussed is the role of the Jewish Brigade in bringing Jews to Israel and the creation of the Jewish state.
  13. Then You Can Come Back To Me
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  14. The Call of the USA
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1918