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  1. Michael Donnelly addressing crowd
    Image | 1904

    Caption: "Michael Donnelly Addressing the Cattle Butchers." From text: " The coming, four years ago, of Michael Donnelly into the stock yards, made us conscious of a renaissance, that, owing to many forces not in evidence until he organized the workers, made them as well as ourselves conscious of their social value. Mr. Donnelly ... secured his first dozen cattle butchers...
  2. I Don't Want to Get Well
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1917

  3. Jim, Jim, I Always Knew You'd Win
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  4. Jim, Jim, I Always Knew You'd Win
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  5. When a Yankee Rolls Up His Sleeves
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  6. We Are Uncle Sammie's Little Nephews
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  7. The gun that killed Lincoln

    On the evening of April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth fired this small derringer into the back of Abraham Lincoln’s head, inflicting a mortal wound. Lincoln was attending a play at Ford's Theater. The gun is on exhibit at the Ford’s Theater Museum in Washington D.C., a National Park Service site.
  8. Display of Corn and Signs

    This display of corn and McLean County's growing methods informs visitors of the many techniques used by farmers.
  9. Amet Magniscope

    Thirty-five millimeter film projector made of tin, galvanized metal and brass. It has two film reels and sits on a wood base.
  10. Postcard of American troops, Paris, France

    Postcard of American troops parading in Paris on July 4, 1918. The color guard carrying an American flag has just made a left turn. Spectators are on the right side. This card is an American Red Cross Post Card. It was never sent.