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  1. Old Soldier

    Published in 1840, the semi-monthly Old Soldier was designed in part to combat Old Hickory, a Democratic campaign newspaper also published in Springfield to support Martin Van Buren’s bid for reelection. Each four-page issue is filled with copies of Harrison’s qualifications, his speeches, letters to the editor, and editorials supporting “Old Tippecanoe,” Harrison’s nickname...
  2. Pour la France versez votre or
    Image | 1915

    A German soldier is forced to his knees by an enormous French coin bearing a French coq.
  3. Faisons tous notre devoir

    On the left side of the poster a soldier stands on a battlefield. On the right side, a couple gives money to the war effort.
  4. On les aura!

    French soldier runs forward with his arm raised, looking back over his shoulder.
  5. Emprunt de la Défense Nationale
    Image | 1915

    A mother and her children watch a soldier wave as he heads off to war.
  6. Journée de l'Herault 15 Octobre 1916
    Image | 1916

    Bacchus sits on top of a wine cask and threatens a German soldier with a flower. The German soldier spills beer out of a stein, while a French soldier behind the cask holds a glass of wine. A fox runs under the German’s boot.
  7. Pour le dernier quart d’heure…aidez-moi!..

    French soldiers march across a cratered field as officers watch.
  8. Liberté

    A French soldier prepares to plant a tattered flag reading “Liberté” into Europe on a large globe.
  9. Souscrire, c’est hater son retour avec la Victoire

    An Algerian soldier hugs his wife in front of an open_file-air marketplace. His child, towing a toy cannon, holds on to the mother’s hand and looks up at him.
  10. Pour que vos enfants ne connaissent plus les horreurs de la guerre

    A mother carries her child to bed. Above the bed is a photo of the father, a soldier.
  11. Pour la France qui combat! Pour celle qui chaque jour grandit

    A soldier holds up a young child in his arms, while a mother nurses her infant in the background.
  12. Pour le triomphe souscrivez a l'Emprunt National

    Thousands of French soldiers march beneath the Arc d'Triomphe as a ghost army from the past wars descend from the sky and the spirit of victory urges them on.
  13. L'emprunt des "Derniéres Cartouches"

    A man and young girl hand munitions to a soldier as he watches the enemy retreat.
  14. Souscrivez au 4e Emprunt National

    A naked French soldier armed with a sword defends the French flag against the German eagle.
  15. Souscrivez pour la victoire et pour le triomphe de la liberté
    Image | 1918

    An image of victory wielding a sword appears above a field of advancing Allied soldiers, urging them to battle. Three soldiers dominate the foreground.
  16. Emprunt de la Libération

    A French soldier holds a rifle and a helmet, while next to him a Scottish soldier in a kilt grasps a grenade.
  17. Pour le suprême effort

    A French soldier strangles the German Eagle.
  18. 4e Emprunt National

    A French soldier steps out of a trench.
  19. Pour la liberté. Fete de l'indépendance, 4 Juillet 1776-1918
    Image | 1918

    A large American soldier stands on the bow of a ship next to a presidential statue and an American flag, while the Statue of Liberty shines a beacon of light from her torch.
  20. Les vainqueurs de la Marne

    In the middle of the poster is a picture of battlefield with a tank and a burning village. To the left of this image is a French soldier, and to the right an American.
  21. Pour la belle terre de France

    French women harvesting wheat wave to a passing group of American soldiers, while a train passes in the distance. Another American soldier is scything the wheat.
  22. Le Coeur de l’Amérique

    Red Cross nurses and medics attend to a wounded soldier.
  23. Munissez vous de monnaie!

    A soldier standing in front of window labeled "Y.M.C.A." watches his belongings scatter after his satchel falls apart.
  24. Pas trop de chahut S.V.P.

    A soldier sits at a desk writing, while he thinks about a woman knitting in front of a fireplace.
  25. Les foyers du soldat
    Image | 1918

    A soldier is silhouetted by the moon as he walks in front of a snow-covered landscape.
  26. Les foyers du soldat

    A heavily-laden soldier makes his way towards a barracks in front of a demolished city.
  27. Marne Yser Somme Verdun

    Two women look adoringly at a French soldier holding the flag.
  28. Journée de l’armée d’Afrique et des troupes coloniales

    African and colonial French troops advance in front of a pink blossoming tree.
  29. Journée de l’armée d’Afrique et des troupes coloniales
    Image | 1917

    African troops advance.
  30. Journée Serbe 25 juin 1916

    People and cattle make their way across a snow-covered bridge. A Red Cross nurse helps a soldier along, while bodies float in the river below the bridge.
  31. Journee du poilu
    Image | 1915

    A soldier and a woman embrace- they stand in front of sewing machine and an overturned chair, and a dog looks on.
  32. Journée du Poilu 25 et 26 Décembre 1915
    Image | 1915

    A soldier prepares to throw a grenade.
  33. Journée du Poilu
    Image | 1915

    Two soldiers stand side-by-side, one with a grizzled beard and the other clean-shaven.
  34. On ne passe pas!
    Image | 1918

    A French soldier in ragged attire stands in front of a flaming battlefield.
  35. Vous aussi faites votre devoir: avec toutes vos ressources Souscrivez a l'emprunt

    A woman holds a gun and a baby as she watches a soldier plow the field.
  36. La souscription va être close le 16

    Three soldiers stand in a trench. Two point at the text above and below them.
  37. Eux aussi! Font leur devoir

    A wounded soldier points to a group of people lined up at a window labeled "Caisse."
  38. La Triennale Exposition d'art Français au profit de la Fraternité des Artistes
    Image | 1916

    A soldier watches as a farmer plows a field with his cattle.