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  1. Ashton Gazette

    The University Library's digital collection of Ashton Gazette newspapers reflects a Republican-affiliated periodical serving the northern region of rural Illinois. Articles, advertisements, and editorials reflect the regional character of Ashton, Illinois, a rich agricultural district in Lee county. Special features of the newspaper includes Ashton’s village treasurer’s repo...
  2. Cairo Bulletin

    The Cairo Bulletin began publication in Cairo, Illinois, on December 21, 1868. Founded by John H. Oberly and Company (as the Cairo Evening Bulletin), it was one of only a few newspapers being published in Southern Illinois during its early run. Oberly meant for the newspaper to be “a new organ of Democratic sentiment,” and covered news, politics, and literature for the whole...
  3. Sousa Archives Music Instrument Digital Image and 3D Model Collection

    The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music (SACAM) acquires and preserves significant archival records and historical artifacts in multiple formats that document America's diverse music heritage. The Center’s collection of historical music instruments, dating between 1810-1972, include rare cornets and trumpets, early boxwood clarinets and flutes, unique double-reed sa...
  4. The Rock Island Argus

    The Rock Island Argus is one of Illinois' oldest newspapers, having been in continuous publication since 1851 when F. S. Nichols founded The Rock Island Republican. In 1854, Colonel J. B. Danforth purchased the paper and changed the name to The Rock Island Argus, as he was an avid Democrat who wanted to avoid any perceived affiliation with the opposing party. In 1882, John W...
  5. C. A. Coey's School of Motoring
    Image | 1912

    From text: "The object of our school is to prepare young men throughout the country to become expert chauffeurs, repairmen, demonstrators, salesmen, garage managers, etc. Our president, Mr. C. A. Coey, has been in the automobile business for twelve years, and he is one of the most prominent automobile men in America today."
  6. Chicago of To-day cover
    Image | 1891

    Text on cover: "Chicago of To-Day: The Metropolis of the West."
  7. Masonic Temple
    Image | 1891

    Caption: "Masonic Temple."" From text: "It might be added that the Masonic Temple at the corner of State and Randolph Streets will when completed, prove one of the finest buildings in the world. A glance at our artist's sketch of the Masonic Temple as it will appear when completed, will afford a better criterion of the architectural beauties of the structure than any verba...
  8. Owings Building
    Image | 1891

    Caption: "Corner of Adams and Dearborn Sts". From text: "Tower of the quaint Owings Building, fourteen stories, corner Adams and Dearborn Streets, unique in design, and a cloud disturber of the first order--225 feet."
  9. The Rookery
    Image | 1891

    From text: "The Rookery, twelve stories, corner Adams and LaSalle Streets, one of the chief office buildings of Chicago and one of the most ornate structures erected by private enterprise in the world--159 feet."
  10. Auditorium Building
    Image | 1891

    From text: " Auditorium Tower, the highest building in Chicago. The balcony is 260 feet high, and the observatory tower carries the height up to 275 feet. The flagstaff surmounting this is the highest thing in town--300 feet."
  11. Pullman Building
    Image | 1891

    From text: "In height it corresponds to the Virginia Hotel, corner Rush and Ohio Streets, and the Pullman and Studebaker Buildings on Michigan Avenue--140 feet."
  12. Entrance to Stock Yards
    Image | 1891

    Caption: "Entrance to Stock Yards." From text: "No reference to Chicago of a statistical nature, even of the most infinitesimal character, would be complete without passing reference at least to the Union Stock Yards and the part they play in the world's economy. ... The yards were considered quite isolated at the time, but the city has grown so rapidly they have been anne...
  13. Railroad crossing bells
    Image | 1891

    Caption: "Hall Signal Co." From text: "The Hall Signal Co. of 50 Broadway, New York, and 340 The Rookery, Chicago, are manufacturers of all kinds of Electric and Mechanical Signaling apparatus for railroads. The Hall Automatic Electric Block Signal System is in operation on twenty-one of the leading railroads of this country. On the opposite page is shown an application o...
  14. Strauss, Yondorf & Rose building
    Image | 1891

    From text: "Strauss, Yondorf & Rose, Wholesale Clothiers. … They occupy a handsome structure on the corner of Market and Quincy streets, ten stories and basement, being the first actual fire-proof building in the city erected and used for commercial purposes. ... [t]he ninth and tenth stories are used for sample rooms, thus securing on these floors at all times of day an un...
  15. Weir & Craig Mfg. Co. building
    Image | 1891

    Writing on the side of building, in image: "Machine shop & brass foundry. Plumbers. Steam & gas fitters--Supplies. Weir & Craig Mfg. Company. Iron foundery." From text: "It is only reasonable that in Chicago, which is the center of so many packing houses, there should be a manufactory of packing house machinery, and a firm which makes a speciality of this is the Weir & ...
  16. Entrance to Rosehill Cemetery
    Image | 1883

    From text: "The projectors of Rose Hill have wisely selected grounds far enough from the city proper to insure no molestation of the ashes of the dead in the future, and have chosen grounds high enough for the purposes intended, and also those susceptible of improvement at a slight expense. They are of easy access both by rail and drives, which is certainly a desirable feat...
  17. Washington Park clubhouse
    Image | 1883

    Caption: "Club-House at Washington Park." From text: "One of the most important and certainly the most aristocratic clubs in the city is the new Washington Park Club. Not only in the turf world, but in the social as well, this institution takes precedence."
  18. Chicago Homeopathic College
    Image | 1883

    From text: "The Chicago Homeopathic Medical College, situated on the corner of Wood and York streets, directly opposite the great Cook County Hospital, is one of the most elegant and commodious educational edifices in the city. It is generally conceded to be the largest and best equipped homeopathic building in this country."
  19. Haverly's Theatre
    Image | 1883

    From text: "The theatre was a surprise to every one, even in Chicago, where celerity is a prevailing habit and Time has in most things been knocked out of time. The first stone was turned upon the ground on the 12th of June, 1881. Ninety days later--on the 12th of September--the new theater, completed at every point, was thrown open to the public. If the world can offer a...
  20. New Chamber of Commerce
    Image | 1883

    From text: "The corner-stone of the new Chamber of Commerce was laid with appropriate ceremonies Dec. 13, 1882, and since then the walls of the magnificent building have gone up with marvelous rapidity, but this new temple of trade is on such a grand scale that it will be another year before it is brought to completion and ready for the machinery of commerce."
  21. Farwell's Building
    Image | 1883

    From text: "Within the past year they have moved into their new building, the largest, most extensive, and best arranged for their business in the East or West. … Regarding the architectural beauty of this building, it can be truthfully said to rival any building in Chicago. It is constructed of Philadelphia pressed brick, with stone trimmings, and the architects and contr...
  22. South Water Street today
    Image | 1919

    obstructive to its prosperity, and a conflagration danger to the whole Loop district. South Water Street is a physical misfit. If left as it is, it must forever remain dwarfed, destroying its own usefulness."
  23. Veterinary Teaching Hospital -- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Image | 1944

    North elevation. Created by Ernest L. Stouffer (Architect). Created: Oct. 2nd, 1944. The Veterinary Medicine building today serves as the headquarters of the National Soybean Research Center. Scale: 1/32" = 1'-0". "1". "B.H.B."
  24. Parker videotaping Gleason: Today on the Farm
    Image | 2012

    ITCS, College of ACES videographer, Steve Parker, on location taping Todd Gleason for "Today on the Farm" doing a piece on composting.
  25. Marion Public Library
    Image | 1988

    The Marion Carnegie Library, Marion, Illinois was established in 1913, constructed 1914-15, and open_file to the public on February 29, 1916. The library's polcies are designed to benefit the greatest number of patrons using these facilities today and those of future generations.
  26. A-M-E-R-I-C-A Means I Love You, My Yankee Land
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1917

  27. Over There
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages

  28. Over There
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  29. Over There
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages