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  1. Great Lakes Bulletin

    The Great Lakes Bulletin is a daily newspaper written by and for naval officers. This collection provides a record of official communication between naval officers at the United State Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Illinois. Each issue featured official orders from the navy Commandant, events on base and news of ongoing military campaigns. The newspaper also featured...
  2. Third Armored Division Association Records and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates), 1941-1945, 1993

    Digital Surrogates of Third Armored Division Association Records and Audiovisuals (1941 - 1945, 1993) contain digitized copies of pictures, newsletters, newspaper clippings and newspapers' typewritten transcriptions, concerning the 3rd Armored Division's history, members, military campaigns and accomplishments, recreational activities, and cartoons about soldier's daily situ...
  3. 2002 University Honors
    Image | 2002

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  4. 1958 University Honors
    Image | 1958

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  5. Pour la belle terre de France

    French women harvesting wheat wave to a passing group of American soldiers, while a train passes in the distance. Another American soldier is scything the wheat.
  6. Rev. Dwight L. Moody
    Image | 1910

    Dwight L. Moody was an evangelist and revivalist, and founded the Chicago (Moody) Bible Institute, ""one of the most successful world centers for missionary training."" Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago.
  7. Washington Park Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The objects of the organization called the Washington Park Club, which was incorporated in 1883, are to promote good fellowship among its members by providing a club house and pleasure grounds for their entertainment where at all times they may meet for social intercourse, and to encourage, by providing the proper facilities, raising, improving, breeding, trainin...
  8. Railway lines south from Chicago
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Illinois Central and Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroads and Connections Showing Direct Lines to Chicago." From text: "Direct to Chicago via the Illinois Central R. R. Best of daily through train service from the South[.] As shown by the opposite map, the Illinois Central, in addition to its lines in other directions, has a particularly strong group of direct l...
  9. Scene after shooting of Alfred Lingle
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Put On the Spot--Alfred (Jake) Lingle, Tribune reporter, was shot down in a subway, just off Randolph Street and Michigan Boulevard at 1 o'clock in the afternoon as he, with a blond youth, were hurried along with a crowd towards a train bound for the races at Washington Park. The "blond" youth stepped back a few paces, whipped out a snub-nosed revolver, shot Jake ...
  10. Underground freight system
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Loaded freight train at street intersection". From text: "Chicago's great subway, or underground freight railroad, is now ready for operation. It is the most complete and extensive of any tunnel system in the world. … Every street in the down-town district, and many outside streets, are duplicated forty feet below the surface by the tunnel system. The entire sub...
  11. Christian Brothers Academy
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The Academy of the Christian Brothers, on Van Buren street, near Clark, was first opened in the spring of 1868, and has already achieved a very high and deserved celebrity. In the Order of the Christian Brothers, founded for the purpose of devoting themselves to the education of youth, the members are trained especially to fulfill the duties of teachers. How we...
  12. Michigan Southern R. R. Depot
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The Michigan Southern, and Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific trains start from the same depot on Van Buren, opposite LaSalle street."
  13. First depot of Galena & Chicago Union Railroad

    Caption: "The first depot of the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad Company (now Chicago & Northwestern Railway). This depot stood at the southwest corner of North Canal and West Kinzie streets. It was built in 1848 and was Chicago's first railroad depot. In 1881 the depot was removed. By courtesy of Chicago Historical Society" From text: "It was a one-story frame building...
  14. Terminal of Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Passenger terminal of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway, completed in 1911. Courtesy of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway." From text: "In the annual report for the year ending June 30th, 1907, mention is made of the new passenger terminal which has lately been completed on the West Side between Lake street on the north, and Madison street on the south, occupyi...
  15. Suburb of Eggleston
    Image | 1893

    generally mentioned in connection with Auburn Park, another beautiful environ. The accessibility of Eggleston and Auburn Park is well known. Its main transit line is the Rock Island railroad, over which trains run the distance in from twenty to thirty minutes. The convenience afforded suburban travelers on this road are seconded only to that obtained by the patrons of the...
  16. Keeley Institute: Waiting for the train
    Image | 1891

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Keeley Institute--Waiting for the Train at Dwight. [See "Keeley Institute."]". From text: "Train time is always looked forward to at Dwight, sometimes with pleasure and sometimes with sorrow. Pleasant ties are broken every day. The departing graduate, while looking forward with pleasure to meeting his friends onc...
  17. Reference room
    Image | 1911

    From text: "… the Reference Department, designed to serve and assist readers who may come to pursue their studies within the Library building. This department controls the entire resources of the Library. No card or guaranty of any sort is required, the only condition being that books shall not be taken from the room. All books that circulate for home use may be used here...
  18. Maria Rebecca Davison (nee Duncan) as Juliana in "The Honeymoon"
    Image | 1813

    Whole-length. Wearing hat with three feathers, train of flowers, gloves.
  19. Portrait of Alice Oates (nee Merritt)
    Image | 1876

    Portrait, bust, wearing hat with long train.
  20. Portrait of Adelina Patti

    Whole-length portrait, wearing petticoat with long train.
  21. Ada Rehan in character

    Whole-length portrait, standing in room wearing skirt with a long train.
  22. 0768-10a.tif

    ag00213: Dale Aupperle, FBFM, center, talks with farmer (left) and FBFM trainee (right). c. 1993. photo by David Riecks. 10 x 6.5 at 300 ppi (this version at 72ppi), 0768-10a.TIF. TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Season: Summer, Time of Day: Day, Format: Horizontal, Shot: Normal. Agriculture, Agronomy, Crop, Soybeans, Education,...
  23. Fitzpatrick_Krystal.jpg
    Image | 2006

    Krystal Fitzpatrick - Police Captain, Director of the Police Training Institute
  24. Stewart_Susan.jpg
    Image | 2012

    Susan Stewart - Director Center For Training And Professional Development
  25. A Group of Librarians in the North Asbury Park Train Station, Asbury Park, New Jersey
    Image | 1916

    Picture #1916_16: Off for Princeton Day
  26. Think pink
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 2000

    “When doomed or gloomed by rain strain pain and you feel blue covet this booklet borrow my color think pink!” -- p.2. “Printed on the occasion of Alberto Casiraghi’s first American exhibition at the SoFA Gallery Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.” -- p.6.
  27. The Library in "The House that Jack Built"

    Glass plate slide showing A. L. A. donated reading materials being read by servicemen. The caption below reads: "The Library in 'The House That Jack Built' Naval Training Station Newport" The writing on the image reads: "The House That Jack Built. Training Station Library. Newport, R. I."
  28. Military Training Reading Room

    Glass plate slide showing A. L. A. donated reading materials being read by servicemen. (Duplicate image of ALA0000317.)
  29. Mathematics in Demand

    Glass plate slide showing A. L. A. donated reading materials being read by servicemen at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Lake County, Illinois. The caption below reads: "Mathematics in Demand. Great Lakes Naval Tra. Station"
  30. Chaplain Spotts, A. L. A. Library, Naval Training Station San Diego, California

    Glass plate slide showing A. L. A. donated reading materials being read by servicemen. Caption below reads: "Chaplain Spotts, A. L. A. Library, Naval Training Station San Diego, California" (Duplicate image of ALA0000309.)