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  1. John Sinclair as Apollo in "Midas"
    Image | 1814

    holding hat.
  2. John Sinclair as Apollo in "Midas"

    musical instrument slung over shoulder. Colored print
  3. John Sinclair as Arbaces in "Artaxerxes"

    Half-length portrait, wearing turban with plume, garment with beadwork and embroidery.
  4. John Sinclair as Don Carlos in "The Duenna"
    Image | 1825

    Half-length portrait, wearing ruff, garment with beadwork and other embellishments.
  5. John Sinclair as Joe in "Poor Vulcan"
    Image | 1813

    Whole-length portrait, with shepherd's crook. With text: "A shepherd become, with my pipe and my crook."
  6. John Sinclair as Oscar in the opera "Malvina"

    Half-length portrait, in armor and cap, shield with point.
  7. John Sinclair as Prince Orlando in "The Cabinet"

    Whole-length portrait, standing, wearing ruff, embroidered cotehardie, jockey boots.
  8. George Smith as Peter in "Up All Night"
    Image | 1812

    Whole-length portrait, wearing long trousers, hat, short jacket, shoes.
  9. George Smith as Robin in "No Song, No Supper"
    Image | 1822

    wearing trousers, shoes, short jacket, striped shirt, orange tie. With text: "A British Seaman holds his life in keeping for his King, his Country, and his friend." Colored print.
  10. Portrait of Richard John Smith (O. Smith)

    Half-length portrait, holding mask. Facsimile signature. Admission card for "Box No. 76", the assignment written in manuscript. A red seal with "O.S." in lower left hand corner.
  11. Richard John Smith (O. Smith) as Baptiste in "Raymond and Agnes"
    Image | 1828

    right hand on knife in belt.
  12. Richard John Smith (O. Smith) as Mammon in "The Devil's Ducat"
    Image | 1831

    Whole-length portrait, wearing armor, wielding a mace.
  13. Richard John Smith (O. Smith) as the Monster in "Frankenstein"

    Half-length portrait, wearing tunic, holding up cloak.
  14. Richard John Smith (O. Smith) as Orson in "The Iron Chest"
    Image | 1820

    Whole-length portrait, wearing armor, short breeches, robe with fur trim, gloves, boots.
  15. Richard John Smith (O. Smith) as Schampt in "The Woodman's Hut"
    Image | 1818

    Half-length portrait, two guns in belt.
  16. Portrait of Sarah Smith (married name Bartley)
    Image | 1812

    Half-length portrait.
  17. Sarah Smith (married name Bartley) as Imoinda in "Oroonoko"
    Image | 1806

    scarf draped over arms.
  18. Sarah Smith (married name Bartley) as Isabella in "Isabella"
    Image | 1807

    Whole-length portrait, wearing a long veil extending down in back. With text: "This ring was the first present of my love."
  19. Sarah Smith (married name Bartley) as Portia in a scene from "The Merchant of Venice"
    Image | 1806

    Scene with several other characters. With text: Bassanio-- "Thy plainess moves me more than eloquence."
  20. Portrait of Solomon Franklin Smith

    Portrait, bust. Facsimile signature.
  21. Portrait of William Smith ("Gentleman Smith")
    Image | 1789

    Half-length portrait.
  22. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Alexander in "The Rival Queens"
    Image | 1776

    holding a spear. With text: "When Glory like the dazling Eagle stood Perch'd on my Beaver in the Granick Flood."
  23. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Alexander in "The Rival Queens"
    Image | 1779

    Whole-length portrait, dressed in armor and helmet.
  24. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Archer in "The Beaux' Stratagem"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait. With text: "My Lady How d'ye, the last Mistress I serv'd call'd me up one Morning & told me, Martin, go to my Lady all night, with my humble Service."
  25. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Biron in "Love's Labour's Lost"

    carrying sword, pointed hat with fur trim.
  26. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as the Duke of Norfolk in "The Albion Queens"
    Image | 1780

    She bid me thus present it on my knees."
  27. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as King Henry VIII in "Henry VIII"
    Image | 1781

    Whole-length portrait, holding can and letters. With text: "See - here are Letters fall'n into my hands."
  28. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Orestes in "Electra"
    Image | 1780

    Whole-length portrait, wearing armor and helmet with plume. With text: "He is, if I am so."