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  1. Edmund Kean as Richard III in "Richard III"
    Image | 1819

    Half-length portrait.
  2. Portrait of Edwin Adams

    Bust. Wearing coat, vest and bow tie. Magazine clipping.
  3. Portrait of Maude Adams

    Bust. Wearing high collar. Magazine clipping
  4. Edmund Kean as Richard III in "Richard III"
    Image | 1822

    pointing to sword on ground. With text: "Take up the sword again or take up me". Act I, Scene 2.
  5. Edmund Kean as Richard III in "Richard III"

    holding sword. Colored print.
  6. Francis Aickin or James Aickin as Young Bevil in "Conscious Lovers"
    Image | 1778

    holding sheet of paper. With text: "Thus has this lady made me her friend and confident." Act IV, Scene 1. This may be James or Francis Aickin (brothers).
  7. Portrait of Ellen Kean (nee Tree)

    Whole-length portrait, at writing table with letter in hand.
  8. Edmund Kean as Lucius Junius Brutus in "Brutus"
    Image | 1819

    Half-length portrait.
  9. Andrew Jackson Allen as Goldfinch

    holding whip. W ith text: "Goldfinch as represented in the principal Southern Theatres by A. J. Allen, the American Costumer."
  10. Portrait of Andrew Jackson Allen

    Full-length. Carrying tray. Signed "A. J. Allen".
  11. Portrait of Viola Allen

    Magazine clipping. In ornamented costume with headdress or veil covering back of head.
  12. Charles John Kean and Ellen Kean (nee Tree) in a scene from "The Housekeeper"

    Scene from "The Housekeeper" with characters around a table, Ellen standing, in a library.
  13. Portrait of Edward Alleyn

    Whole-length portrait. Wearing hat, ruff and heavy robe with fur trim.
  14. George Almar as Cutpurse in "Cedar Chest"
    Image | 1807

    holding sheath.
  15. Portrait of Mrs. Frances Bettesworth Alsop
    Image | 1818

    Half-length. Holding mask.
  16. Caricature of Charles John Kean

    Whole-length caricature, seated, feet in tub of hot water, phantom figure of Macbeth rising from a bowl of gruel, table with medicine, etc. With text: "Mr. Charles Kean is seriously indisposed. He is suffering from the effects of overwork and consequent nervous exhaustion complicated by an attack of influenza."
  17. Portrait of Mary Anderson
    Image | 1875

    Bust. Profile. With text: "Mary Anderson at 16."
  18. Samuel Foote as Buck in a scene from "The Englishman Returned from Paris"

    Foote with huge muff and ass ears on hat, poked by other characters with sticks.. Title: "Buck Metamorph'd or Mr. Foote in the character of the Englishman return'd from Paris".
  19. Jane Pope as Rosetta in "The Foundling"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait, holding a letter. With text: "Is it not very polite, Colonel?"
  20. Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson as Claudio in "Much Ado About Nothing"
    Image | 1882

    Whole-length portrait, standing, right arm on chest, wearing cloth armor. Photo by London Steroscopic Co.
  21. Portrait of John Howard Payne

    long side whiskers.
  22. Portrait of John Howard Payne

    Three-quarter-length portrait, arm on book.
  23. John Howard Payne as Young Norval in "Douglas"

    Whole-length portrait, wearing plaid, kilt, with sword and shield..
  24. Portrait of Samuel Foote
    Image | 1771

    Three-quarter-length portrait, leaning on cane. Copy of mezzotint by T. Blackmore.
  25. Portrait of Samuel Foote

    Bust portrait.
  26. Portrait of Adelina Patti

    Portrait, bust, wearing choker with brooch, headdress with stars.
  27. Adelina Patti as Semiramis in "Semiramide"

    Three-quarter-length portrait, wearing crown. From music sheet, "The Patti Waltz Song."
  28. Portrait of William Evans Burton?

    Bust. Question of identity on this print.
  29. Samuel Foote in a scene from "The Taylors"
    Image | 1794

    interior taylors' shop.