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  • Madrid 23 January 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 36 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersDiego José has asked Landaburu to give Lara the money invested in Landaburu's commercial entreprise but Landaburu has not committed to fulfill that obligation in its entirity. Diego José has also commisioned Andres de Loyo to bring to Peru some things for Lara but Diego José does not have a list so he mentions the items he remembers. Diego also mentions he had to use some of...
  • Madrid 6 December 1763
    Multi-Page Item | 24 pages | 1763 | Conde de Montemar LettersDiego José shares with Lara the arrangements he has made regarding the trial Lara is facing over the mayorazgo of Amusco and Redecilla, and also over the county of Treviño. Diego José explains the lawyers in Madrid charged expensive fees and for that reason he has not submitted the remittance to Lara as he should have. He also comments on the attempts at reestablishing Riber...
  • Madrid 23 August 1763
    Multi-Page Item | 48 pages | 1763 | Conde de Montemar LettersDiego José tells Lara he has received his letter from December 1762 and he is happy about the marriage of Lara's daughter. Diego José informs Lara he has sent newspapers, jewelry, and some documents with Domingo Cabero. He also updates Lara on the state of affairs in Rome where they are trying to obtain some privileges for their uncle who is a priest. Diego José assures Lara...
  • Madrid 10 August 1762
    Multi-Page Item | 30 pages | 1762 | Conde de Montemar LettersDiego José shares news about the war with his brother in law Francisco Manrique de Lara. Diego José has lost some correspondence and money in a vessel captured by English privateers, thus he suggests they should not send each other money or goods until the war is over. Diego has made some arrangements with Marquis of Maenza who will take care of some of his obligations in Li...
  • Madrid 4 December 1770
    Multi-Page Item | 18 pages | 1770 | Conde de Montemar Letters
  • Madrid 23 November 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 30 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersDiego José has learnt the details of his aunt's will and he is upset. Her aunt's will claims Diego's father incurred in some debts with her, and now Diego has to pay. Diego denies those debts exist, and he also argues his aunt owed him money she has not acknowledged in her will. He laments her aunt is counting as debts things that in the past she declared were gifts. He info...
  • [Lima] 14 November 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersPortocarrero writes to Lara to correct the appraisal of his two houses in Madrid. He reminds Lara he does not want to sell them and in any case he has found out they will not be able to avoid the payment of Lanzas tax. In fact, the Carrillos owe several years of taxes, and regarding the media anata tax it is not sure yet if the Carrillos will have to pay it or not.
  • Madrid 26 December 1776
    Multi-Page Item | 14 pages | 1776 | Conde de Montemar Letters
  • Madrid 4[?] April 1780
    Multi-Page Item | 32 pages | 1780 | Conde de Montemar Letters
  • Madrid 16 February 1781
    Multi-Page Item | 18 pages | 1781 | Conde de Montemar Letters
  • Madrid 14 December 1762
    Multi-Page Item | 8 pages | 1762 | Conde de Montemar Letters"Diego José notifies Lara that the jewelry items he bought for the marquis are being sent in the ship ""El torero"". Diego is also sending newspapers, books, and musical instruments. Diego José comments that the Corregimiento of Cangallo has been conceded to someone else but he hopes Arriaga will compensate him with another corregimiento for Juan Bautista."
  • Madrid 4 January 1763
    Multi-Page Item | 18 pages | 1763 | Conde de Montemar LettersDiego José notifies Lara of the things he is sending with Mathias de Landaburu in El Torero. He also copies part of a letter from Landaburu, so Lara can collect money from certain investments. Diego José has not been feeling well lately but still he has taken care of Lara's affairs. Diego has asigned a new administrator in Amusco since the last one passed away, and he commen...
  • Madrid 14 April 1780
    Multi-Page Item | 20 pages | 1780 | Conde de Montemar Letters
  • Madrid 9 December 1777
    Multi-Page Item | 13 pages | 1777 | Conde de Montemar Letters