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  • Masonic Temple
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Masonic Temple, situated at the corner of Randolph and State streets, is two hundred and sixty-five feet high. The number of its tenants would be sufficient to populate a fair sized village. Although not owned by the Masonic Order, several lodges meet here, paying an annual rental for the privilege. It contains fourteen passenger and two freight elevators." ...
  • Entrance to vault
    Image | 1902 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The portal of this treasure house is guarded by a double set of eight-ton doors similar to those in position in the business vaults of the bank on the floor above. A sentinel stands always at either door, although during business hours the eight-ton door is of course swung open and a heavy bronze and steel-grated door bars the entrance on the inner side of the v...
  • Tool department
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoTool department for Chicago Railway Equipment Company.
  • Shop No. 1
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Section of Shop No. 1".
  • Forge department
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoPhotograph is included in section on company's Detroit facility.
  • Bolt and rivet department
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoPhotograph is included in section on company's Detroit facility.
  • Office and old power plant
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Office and Old Power Plant View from South Corner". Photograph is included in section on company's Grand Rapids facility.
  • Carter H. Harrison
    Image | 1904 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Hon. Carter H. Harrison, Mayor of Chicago."
  • Ambulance loaded with fire victims
    Image | 1904 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "While the streets began to crowd for blocks around with weeping and heartbroken persons in mortal terror because of knowledge that loved ones had attended the performance, patrol wagons, ambulances and open wagons hurried the injured to hospitals. Before long they were called upon to perform the more grewsome [sic] task of removing the dead. In wagon loads the ...
  • Waiting to get into morgue
    Image | 1904 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Waiting their turn to get into the morgue."
  • Chicago Commons' playground
    Image | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Chicago Commons' Play Ground. The only Playground for 12,000 Children." From text: "The summer activities of Chicago Commons have grown very normally in both variety and expense. … [T]he work enlarged to include … the establishment of the Chicago Commons playground (20 X 160 feet,) open every afternoon and all day Sunday under the supervision of residents, with...
  • Two spinning methods
    Image | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Two methods of Syrian spinning and European wheel." From text: "The spinning was illustrated by Italians, Greeks, Russians and Syrians, who spun with a distaff for holding the flax, and a spindle composed of a straight stick with one or two discs, and a small hook on the upper end to hold the thread. ... The museum is now able to show four variations of this earli...
  • The Push-o-mobile
    Image | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Push-o-mobile." From text: "The fourth successful political campaign hand-running, in which Chicago Commons has taken effective part, was won last month. As the settlement experience and civic significance of the three victorious years may prove suggestive and encouraging to others as the ourselves, we let our readers have the story ... The election of Lewis D...
  • Comiskey's Chicago team of 1900
    Image | 1900 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Comiskey's first American League team in Chicago: pennant-winners in 1900. Upper row, left to right: Fisher, Dillard, Isbell, Denzer, Patterson. Middle row: Brain, Hartman, Padden, Comiskey, Shearon, Sugden, Wood. Lower row: O'Leary, Shugart, Hoy, H. McFarland."
  • Bion J. Arnold
    Image | 1907 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Following the recommendation of the Committee on Local Transportation, the City Council, on the 26th of May, 1902, authorized the Mayor and City Comptroller to execute a contract with Bion J. Arnold, as expert engineer, for the rendering of such services as might be required by the committee ..." Also, "... Bion J. Arnold, expert to the Committee on Local Transp...
  • Branch Settlement House
    Image | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Branch Settlement House near Old Commons." From text: "The appeal of the child life of the traffic crowded streets and ill equipped homes, won the first response from our hearts and home. There were then neither place nor provision for the littlest children in the public schools. So we determined to lay the foundation of our work in the kindergarten. .. . When...
  • Front of Iroquois Theater
    Image | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Front view of the Iroquois Theater."
  • Front rows and stage
    Image | 1904 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Front rows of seats and front of stage."
  • Harry J. Powers
    Image | 1904 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Harry J. Powers, One of the Theater Managers Arrested for Manslaughter."
  • Registration for Municipal Lodging House
    Image | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Municipal Lodging House in Action. Every evening at 12 South Jefferson Street for the past eight months from 10 to 140 hungry and homeless men have stood up for registration. The police officer in charge separates this group into two lines, ""first nighters" and those previously sheltered. As the newcomer steps up to the desk the registration officer, with a pi...
  • Compulsory bath
    Image | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Next in order is the bath. This is administered in an open, well-lighted room, 18 x 24 feet, containing eight hot and cold water showers, strong soap, brushes and towels without stint. Should this job be poorly done through laziness, repugnance, unfamiliarity with the task, the officer in charge returns him willy nilly, and should the lodger seem unequal to the...
  • Officers of Local Union No. 183
    Image | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The first union of women workers, of the great packing houses of the Union Stock Yards of Chicago, was organized at the University of Chicago Settlement last April with twenty charter members. It is known as "Local No. 183 of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butchers' Workmen of North America." Three years ago a small group of four girls, inspired by an Irish g...
  • Michael Donnelly addressing crowd
    Image | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Michael Donnelly Addressing the Cattle Butchers." From text: " The coming, four years ago, of Michael Donnelly into the stock yards, made us conscious of a renaissance, that, owing to many forces not in evidence until he organized the workers, made them as well as ourselves conscious of their social value. Mr. Donnelly ... secured his first dozen cattle butchers...
  • Clark Street
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Clark Street resembles no other street in the world. Even "The Bowery" lacks many of its fascinating peculiarities. Types of every nation on the earth may be found on this cosmopolitan thoroughfare. Nearly every other building is a "hotel" or a lodging house. Chinatown is located here and the odor of burning opium is even now not unfamiliar in that quarter. Ti...
  • Woman's Temple
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Woman's Temple, at the corner of Monroe and La Salle streets, stands as a monument to the untiring temperance workers of Chicago. It is twelve stories high and contains three hundred offices. The building is a fire-proof structure of steel, granite and terra cotta, and was built by the W. C. T. U. at a cost of $1,500,000." The building was designed by the fir...
  • Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. Building
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "One of the largest department stores on State Street is that of Carson, Pirie, Scott & Company. For years it was located in the building here shown, diagonally across the city from the Marshall Field store. The concern recently removed to more ample quarters in a new structure at the corner of Madison and State streets." Building was designed by architect Louis ...
  • The Rookery
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "When the great fire of 1871 destroyed the City Hall at the corner of La Salle and Adams streets a temporary building erected on the site was jokingly called " The Rookery." The twelve story building erected later upon this spot retained the name of ""The Rookery." It is built of gray granite and fire proof brick." Designed by Burnham and Root. The base is of re...
  • Michigan Avenue, showing Auditorium
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Michigan Avenue, showing the Auditorium[.] Michigan Avenue lies along the lake front and is a favorite driveway. No obstructing buildings lie between it and the lake and the cool breezes make it a most inviting thoroughfare on a warm day. The Auditorium Building, one of the largest in the whole country, covering an area of sixty-two thousand feet, is located be...
  • Chicago River
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Chicago River formerly emptied into Lake Michigan, but with the digging of the drainage canal, the current was reversed and the waters now find their way into the Mississippi, much to the disgust of St. Louis, transforming the once ill-smelling stream into a clean river. It is narrow and deep, but easily entered by the largest lake steamers. The question of l...
  • Stock yards and Packingtown
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Stock yards and Packingtown in distance[.] Beyond the pens at the stock yards, lies Packingtown, where the slaughtered meats are prepared for the markets of the world. It is here that several of the famous millionaires of Chicago made their great fortunes. One noted packing firm killed 712,000 cattle, 1,714,000 hogs, and nearly 500,000 sheep in a single year. T...
  • Washington Park Club House
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Washington Park Club House, and "Derby Day"[.] The most notable of racing tracks in Chicago is Washington Park, especially famous for its "Derby Day," usually run some Saturday in June. This event attracts from seventy-five thousand to one hundred thousand people, and the splendid turn-outs of beauty and fashion and gay equipages rival in interest the great raci...
  • Chicago National Bank
    Image | 1902 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "When the new building of the Chicago National Bank was projected it was aimed to produce a structure which would immediately suggest to the observer that it was a bank. How well that idea has been carried out by Jenney & Mundie, the architects, it needs but a glance at the bank building to show. Of the Corinthian order of architecture, with ninety feet front on...
  • Safe deposit vaults
    Image | 1902 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Between these sets of apartments is the great treasure room of the safe deposit vaults--the immense room which is lined with 6,000 private safe deposit boxes of various sizes. The floor of this apartment is made of chrome-steel plates, three one-inch plates being riveted together, making a drill-proof and bomb-proof floor. The ceiling and side walls are constru...
  • Garrick Theater
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoThe Garrick Theater, built in 1892, was designed by Adler & Sullivan, and was located at 64 W. Randolph Street.
  • Post office overhead carrier system
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Overhead carrier system in the post-office, similar to cash carriers used in stores."
  • Smaller freight tunnel
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "A typical view in the smaller sized portion of the tunne.l"
  • Northwestern University, downtown Chicago
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Northwestern University Building, Clark and Lake Streets, Chicago"
  • Humboldt Park boathouse
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Free Bathing Pool[.] One of the most beneficent of Chicago's charities is the public bathing system, a comparatively recent institution. The baths are spacious and well-equipped and the best evidence of their importance is found in the numbers resorting daily to their use. They are open and free to all. The Carter H. Harrison Bath at 192 Mather Street is noted ...
  • City Hall construction
    Image | 1909 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "City Hall foundations nearing completion (View taken February 15, 1909)"
  • Bernard J. Mullaney
    Image | 1909 | Picture ChicagoBernard J. Mullaney was secretary to the mayor.