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  • Residence of C. C. Linthicum
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Residence of Mr. C. C. Linthicum 1315 Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill."
  • Residence of Henry W. Schultz
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Residence of Mr. Henry W. Schultz Kenilworth, Ill." Designed by architect George W. Maher and completed in 1909.
  • Residence of Franklin Rudolph
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Residence of Mr. Franklin Rudolph 745 Sheridan Road, Winnetka, Ill."
  • Residence of Harry Rubens
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Residence of Mr. Harry Rubens Glencoe, Ill."
  • Residence of Callistus S. Ennis
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Residence of Mr. Callistus S. Ennis 1437 Pratt Ave., Rogers Park"
  • Chicago Public Library
    Image | 1911 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Chicago Public Library". From text: "The Chicago Public Library is a free public institution, established under the Illinois library law of 1872, and maintained by the city as part of its public educational system. It derives its revenue from an annual library tax of approximately four-tenths of a mill, and is governed by a Board of Directors of nine members ap...
  • Davis Square branch reading room
    Image | 1911 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The wide distribution of Chicago's population has made it necessary to provide small branch or deposit libraries in the residence districts, thus, in a measure, carrying the benefits of the Library to those who cannot conveniently come to it. These are established at convenient points throughout the city and were formerly housed in rented quarters, frequently in ...
  • Residence of Mrs. Potter Palmer
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Potter Palmer of Chicago was a member of the Board of Directors of the World's Columbian Exposition, and his wife, Mrs. Bertha M. Honore Palmer, was president of the Board of Lady Managers."
  • Paul Schulze
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoPaul Schulze was president of the Schulze Baking Company of Chicago.
  • Stiles Burton
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "A resident of Chicago ere the city was incorporated and identified with its commercial interests until after the great fire, when the work of rebuilding the city was substantially completed, Stiles Burton has been termed 'one of the men most honored and esteemed among the early citizens of Chicago.' His portraits hangs in the gallery of the Chicago Historic Socie...
  • Reading room
    Image | 1911 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The Reading Room for current periodicals is one of the largest rooms in the building occupying the entire north front on the fourth floor. Nearly twelve hundred publications are regularly received and kept on file here, comprising all the popular American and English periodicals, reviews, and weeklies, a selection of the best publications in German, French, and o...
  • James Ryan, Maclay Hoyne and Frank Johnston, Jr.
    Image | 1916 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "James Ryan (central figure), alias 'Prof. Charles T. Crane' of the clairvoyant trust, cleaned up $60,000 in seven months through detective bureau connivance. At right and left are Hoyne and his chief assistant, Frank Johnston, Jr."
  • Dismissal at noon
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Dismissal at noon--Jirka School. By courtesy of the Board of Education" Jirka Public Day-School for the Deaf was located on 17th between Loomis and Laflin Sts. (Source: The Volta review, Volume 15, Issue 2.)
  • Wendell Phillips High School
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Wendell Phillips High School: Thirty-ninth Street and Prairie Avenue. By courtesy of the Board of Education".
  • Teachers' College
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Teachers' College: Sixty-eighth Street and Stewart Avenue. By courtesy of the Board of Education."
  • Old West Market Hall
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Old West Market Hall: On the site of the present Haymarket Square."
  • Frances E. Willard
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "It is safe to say that no name among the residents of Evanston looms larger on the pages of the country's history than that of Frances Elizabeth Willard. … In 1874, Miss Willard was elected president of the Illinois Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and gave her whole time to the work. In 1883, she projected the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union, of wh...
  • Motor squad wagon
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Used for all emergency services in the saving of life and property. Responds to all fires with all regular fire equipment. Carries pulmotor, acetylene cutting device and all heavy tools for extricating persons in a dangerous position, at large fires and railroad accidents, etc. It is considered by the Department as one of the important advances of increased efficie...
  • Barney Oldfield, Jerry Eller, C. A. Coey
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Barney Oldfield, Jerry Eller and C. A. Coey in Mr. Coey's racing car."
  • Charles A. Comiskey at opening of new park
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Comiskey at the opening of his $1,000,000 baseball park in 1910."
  • Wabash Avenue
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "In the Shopping District--Wabash Avenue." View is looking northwest up Wabash Avenue from Monroe Street.
  • Indian trail tree at lakeside
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Indian trail tree at Lakeside (Courtesy Chicago Historical Society)"
  • Lake trips from Chicago
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoMarch 28, 1912.
  • Chicago For the Tourist
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoBook cover. Full text: "Chicago For the Tourist Reached by the Illinois Central R. R." Image depicts the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Lincoln Park.
  • Lincoln Park bathing beach
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Chicago's Bathing Beach, Lincoln Park". From text: "A refectory and provision for athletic pastimes are additional features of the place
  • High Bridge at Lincoln Park
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Lincoln Park--View from "High Bridge" of the Park, Mile Long Lagoon and the Lake. "High Bridge" across the Lagoon at Lincoln Park."
  • William Hale Thompson
    Image | 1915 | Picture ChicagoFrontispiece. Thompson served as mayor of Chicago from 1915–1923, and 1927–1931.
  • Rev. W. H. Ryder
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Rev. W. H. Ryder, D.D., of St. Paul's Universalist Church, was a frequent speaker at Union meetings. Next to Chapin he was regarded as the most gifted minister in his denomination in the country… He was a stanch supporter of all that the war stood for, even among the most advanced."
  • Clybourne mansion
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Clybourne Mansion (After a Water-color Painting by Petford) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • Maclay Hoyne States Attorney
    Image | 1916 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Maclay Hoyne States Attorney for the County of Cook."
  • Chicago's reconstruction plan cover
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoText on cover: "Chicago America's Greatest and Most Attractive City Burned 1871 -- Rebuilt as by Magic--Now Her Reconstruction Plan".
  • Chicago Plan street improvements
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Map showing the Chicago Plan improvements proposed for the heart of the city in connection with the central street system."
  • Residence of Mrs. John N. Weinand
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Residence of Mrs. John N. Weinand. 900 Argyle Ave., Argyle Park."
  • Churches
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "(1) St. James Episcopal (2) Epiphany Episcopal Church (3) Fourth Presbyterian Church (4) New First Congregational Church (5) Oriental Consistory Church (6) St. Paul Episcopal"
  • Summer residence of P. A. Starck
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Summer residence of Mr. P. A. Starck. 6129 Kenmore Ave., North Edgewater."
  • Plan for Michigan Avenue
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Plan of boulevard to connect the north and south sides of the city, view looking north from Washington Street. Painting by Jules Guerin. From the collection of the Chicago Plan Commission. Copyright, The Commercial Club of Chicago."
  • Field Museum perspective view
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Perspective view of New Field Museum of Natural History."
  • South plaza of new Michigan Avenue
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "South plaza of the new Michigan Avenue looking south from bridge showing possibilities for attractive development. Drawing by A. N. Rebori."
  • Blackstone branch interior
    Image | 1911 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "This beautiful structure is worthy of particular mention, not only because it is one of the finest and costliest library buildings of its size in the world, but also because it marks the beginning of the branch library system in Chicago. The location is a triangular lot at the intersection of Lake and Washington avenues and Forty-ninth street. .. It is constructe...