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  • 1st University Secondary School
    ImageEntirely in ms. Book number in different hand and ink.
  • Abbott, Samuel A. B.
    ImageAtop a straight crest wreath, an arm embowed in armor, in the hand a scymitar. Banner with motto: Loyal en tout.
  • Abney, Benjamin Lindsey
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold), on a chief gules (red) a lion passant argent (silver). Crest: above a straight wreath, a lion rampant, between his paws a pellet. Motto on banner: Fortiter et honeste (Bravely and with honesty).
  • Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900
    ImageAbove a curvedwreath, an arm couped lying sideways, upon it a falcon perched all proper. Motto on banner: Inebranlable.
  • Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon chequy argent (silver) and sable (black), a fess gules (red), charged with a crescent center chief. Crest: above a straight wreath, an arm couped lying fessways (sideways), upon its gloved hand a falcon perched all proper. Motto on banner: Inebranlable (Unmoveable).
  • Adeane, Henrietta Jane
    Image | 1883Printed in black and red. Within a picture frame, a lozenge escutcheon: vert (green) a chevron or (gold) charged with 3 mullets (stars) sable (black), between three griffin's heads erased or (gold). Banner with originator's name.
  • Adelphi College Library
    Image | 1937Landscape with road and cliff.
  • Affleck, Gilbert
    ImageHand-set type.
  • Affonso, Lino Antonio
    ImagePrinted in black. Galleon sailing near fort.
  • Affonso, Lino Antonio
    ImagePrinted in blue. Galleon sailing near fort.
  • Aikman, Gwen C.
    ImageCoat of arms within frame containing various phrases, places (especially in Indiana and Illinois) and personal names.
  • Air University (U.S.) Library
    ImageText and small coat of arms which features hand in armored glove from which flow 4 lightning bolts and crest consisting of oil lamp with wings
  • Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926
    ImageBlack ink on cream paper. Contains entwined leaves of two flowers on either side of and supporting an open_file book, all within a thick, black border.
  • Allison, Nathaniel
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold) a lion rampant, facing sinister between three fleurs de lis, dexter chief and sinister chief and base. Supporters: on each side an eagle, wings displayed & inverted. Crest: stylized crown, an armed hand holding a curved object. Motto: Spiro (I breathe). All within a circular frame of leaves.
  • Aman, Anna
    Image | 1904Landscape with tree and fence.
  • Aman, Anna
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: three ostrich legs. Crest: a feathered shield (?). Below the composition, a banner with text. Printed in red.
  • American Antiquarian Society
    ImageSeal of the American Antiquarian Society, showing Time with hourglass and sickle, sitting on globe, foot on ruined column and classical buildings in background, "Amer. Antiq. Soc." on entablature, "1812" on step. Portrait of Samuel Foster Haven. globe, books.
  • Amherst College Library
    Image | 1903Bust of Socrates
  • Amherst College Library
    ImageText within ornamental border.
  • Amherst College Library
    ImageText with ornamental border.
  • Amherst College Library
    ImageWithin carved bas-relief frame with Amherst College seal: depiction of Converse Memorial Library building and grounds. Seal: sunburst and open_file book with motto: Terras irradient
  • Amherst College Library.
    ImageText within ornamental border.
  • Amos, F. S. E.
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: potent, gules (red) and argent (silver), a chevron or. Crest: a mortarboard hat. Motto: Omnia probate bonum tenete (Examine everything, hold what is good)
  • Anderle, Franc
    Image | 1902Gold ink on beige paper. Contains 4-bar musical score above an image of a river valley, a bridge, and a telescope.
  • Anderson, Lewis
    ImageText within typographical border.
  • Anderson, William M.
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon argent (silver) a chevron between three cross formées sable (black). Crest: a water spaniel passant or
  • Andrews, Robert
    ImageCoat of arms: Pendant escutcheon: azure (blue) a fess argent (silver) charged with three stars of five points of the first. Crest: a bird, in its mouth a twig. Motto: Always faithful. Beneath, a ribbon with originator's name.
  • Anglo-Belgian Seminary Library
    ImagePrinted in black and red. Roundel with cross.
  • Annis, Frank Morrill
    ImageFrame of sticks and holly sprigs.
  • Ansart, Pierre
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon parted in chief, upper part azure (blue) semee de lis argent (silver)
  • Anthony, Cornelia
    ImageWithin a frame of teacups and saucers, a rustic wall and mantlepiece topped with a line of books. On the mantle shelf is a teapot between two upright plates
  • Anthony, Cornelia
    ImageTwo putti reading as bookends on mantel, all within a frame with garlands. On the ribbon a quote from a poem by Sir Walter Scott. Illegible artist's name bottom right.
  • Antioch College Library
    ImageAntioch College building within oval frame.
  • Antioch College Library
    ImageAntioch College building within oval frame.
  • Antioch College Library
    ImageLibrary of Antioch College / Presented by
  • Antioch College Library
    ImageText within single-line border.
  • Antioch College Library
    ImageText with border of open_file books.