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  • Brown University. Library
    ImageLine drawing of Egyptian writing on tablet
  • Brown University. Library
    ImageText in cursive letters
  • Buck, Janet
    Image | 1945Lamp
  • Buck, John
    Image | 1894Picture of manor house
  • Buck, Juliana Randolph
    ImageSilhouette of woman wearing tam
  • Budworth, Philip John, 1817-1885.
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gules (red), a bend or (gold) between two lions rampant argent (silver)
  • Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences
    ImageSeal of the Society.
  • Bufford
    Image | 1901Coat of arms: Quarterly, the symbols of France (fleurs de lis) and England (lions rampant) within a bordure gobony argent (silver) and azure (blue). Helm and mantling. Crest: a portcullis and chains. Motto on banner above crest: Altera securitas (Another security). Unbuckled garter shows from behind escutcheon.
  • Burchard, Georg
    ImagePrinted in green. Coat of arms. Escutcheon parted per pale: Dexter, castle with three towers on a base vert (green)
  • Burchard, Georg
    Image | 1902Printed in black and red. Armorial shield, a banner around it with owner's name.
  • Burnham, Henry D.
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: Gules (red) a chevron between three lions' heads erased, or (gold). Crest: A leopard's head erased proper. Motto: Fortis et fidelis (Brave and faithful)
  • Burnham, William Henry, 1855-1941; Burnham, Katharine French
    Image | 1900Within a frame with text: Windmill
  • Burty, Philippe, 1830-1890
    Imageirradiated Phrygian cap illuminating the world, with the legend ... depending from the beak of a stork with outspread wings (Uzanne)
  • Byrd, William, 1674-1744
    Image | 1725Coat of arms. Escutcheon (marshaling of six). Motto: Nulla pallescere culpa (Not to pale from any fault).
  • Cadiz Library
    ImageLibrary rules. Text within wavy line border with small corner ornaments
  • Caine, Nathaniel
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon: sable (black), a demi-phoenix, wings elevated, arising from a fire. Crest: a demi antelope rampant, collared. Motto: Resurgam (I shall rise again)
  • Calcutt, Brian
    ImageOpen book and feather
  • Caldwell, Jno A.
    ImagePrinted in red. Text and border, drawn as if by a child.
  • Caldwell, R.
    ImageAn armorial shield on a stone
  • California State Library
    ImageTextual form within potenté border with oak motif corner pieces.
  • Callander
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: sable (black), a bend chequy or (gold) and gules (red) between six billets of the second (or). Crest: a cubit arm erect proper holding a billet or. Motto: I mean well.
  • Calumet City Public Library
    ImageNative American with peace pipe
  • Campbell
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gyronny of eight, sable (black) and gules (red), 2nd and 3rd, argent (silver), a lymphad (galley) with oars in action and sails furled. Supporters: on each side a lion rampant, in one paw the pomel or blade of swords in saltire (crossed). Crest: a boar's head couped at the neck. Motto: Vix ea nostra voco (I scarcely call th...
  • Campbell, Fanny Fatzinger
    ImageBlack ink on off white paper. Armorial style design surmounted by boar's head on bar.
  • Campenhausen-Loddiger, Ernst, Baron.
    Image | 1905Coat of arms: Escutcheon charged with a castle and three arrows
  • Campins, Carlota
    Image | 1904Tree eradicated (showing roots) with shield upon which is a lyre
  • Capucinorum Conventus Camberiensis. Library.
    ImageLibrary of the Capucine convent in Chambery, France.
  • Carbines, Jessie
    Image | 1945Open book and torch.
  • Carbon, Jean-Louis, 1738-1790
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon (oval): Azure (blue), a fess or (gold), charged in chief with a crescent between two mullets, and in base with two sleeved hands holding a heart. Supporters, two greyhounds rampant reguardant.
  • Carlander, Carl Magnus, 1837-1911
    ImagePutto with book showing owner's name on front pastedown.
  • Carlander, Hugo
    ImageBook open_file to endpapers
  • Carleton, Emma, 1889-1935
    Image | 1900Three-story brick building above cluster of objects: smoking urn, ink pot and quill, open_file book.
  • Carnegie, David, Sir, 1753-1805
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon: or (gold), an eagle displayed azure (blue). Crest: a dexter hand couped above the wrist holding a thunderbolt proper. Motto: Dread God. Supporters: Two greyhounds proper collared gules (red). Pendant from the shield, the Arms of Nova Scotia, with motto: Fax mentis honestae gloria (Glory is the light of a noble mind).
  • Carnegie Library of Atlanta
    Image | 1899Phoenix (eagle?) rising from flames. Motto: Resurgens (arising again)
  • Carothers, Allen Blewett, 1891-1931
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: Parted per chief, upper part or (gold), lower part azure (blue) charged with three swans argent (silver), wings addorsed and inverted. Crest: demi cockatrice displayed. Motto: Paratus sum (I am prepared)
  • Carpenter
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: Paly of six argent (silver) and gules (red) on a chevraon azure (blue) three crosses crosslet or. Inescutcheon. Parted per pale. Dexter, gules, a chevron or between three cocks argent, for Crowe. Sinister, quarterly, Crest: A globe in a frame, all or. Supporters: Two horses per fess embattled argent and gules. Motto: Per acuta belli (Through the a...
  • Carter, William Edward Dickson
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: azure (blue), two lions rampant or, facing each other. Crest: lion's head erased or. Motto: Sub libertate quies (Rest under liberty)
  • Carvalho, Affonso de, 1897-1953
    Image | 1953Archer with nose ring, aiming at constellation Sagittarius.
  • Castro, Adolfo Faria de
    ImageNaked man on one knee, twisting