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  • Barker, A. M.
    ImageText and bar border with corner ornaments.
  • Barker, E. H. L.
    ImageDark red ink on cream paper. Diamond-shaped shield supported by dog rampant. Motto on ribbon below left of the shield.
  • Barry, Charles King
    ImageText on carved frame.
  • Barschkies
    ImageSmiling woman reading on divan
  • Bateman, J. M.
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold), an ostrich feather argent (silver) on a chevron gules (red) between three escallops (shells). Crest: a pheasant proper. Motto: Nec pretio nec prece (Neither by entreaty nor bribery). The owner's name in form of signature.
  • Bates, Arlo, 1850-1918
    ImageBoy reads large book at table with lily in a vase
  • Bates, Arlo, 1850-1918
    ImageOwl at open_file window, crescent moon in sky
  • De Bathe, William
    ImageCrest: Above a straight wreath, a lion rampant holding in his dexter paw a dagger
  • Beames, John, 1837-1902
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon: quarterly, 1st and 4th, parted per pale, gules (red) and azure (blue), 6 garbs or (gold) over all, three mullets (stars) sable (black) on a chief argent (silver)
  • De Beauchamp, Pierre Robert
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon, parted per pale: Dexter, azure, three grenades or
  • Beaufoy, J. H.
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon (spade): Ermine on a bend azure (blue) three cinqfoils argent (silver). Crest: A tree vert. Motto: Sub tegmine fagi (Under the shade of the beech tree)
  • Beaufoy, Mrs.
  • Bedaine, Henry S.
    ImagePhotographic portrait of girl reading at a table.
  • Bednall, William T.
    Image | 1897Within architectural frame (armorial shields in corners), seashore with shells on beach, sun on horizon.
  • Beim, Rollin R.
    Image | 1920Text flanked by pictures of field with flowers and butterflies and trees by a stream
  • Bein, Georg
    ImageAllegorical picture: immense trail of tiny people wends its way between sun on left to darkened portal on right. In center, a huge lectern with burning candle at which a dark-clothed scribe with crescent and star headdress writes in large book
  • Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge
    Image | 1904Image of The Old Linen Hall Library
  • Beloit College. Astronomical Library.
    ImageText within decorative border.
  • Benchley, Robert, 1889-1945
    ImageText within single-line border.
  • Benkard, Rudolf.
    Image | 1895Hand reaches out from cloud to nab a man running past a bookshelf with a book (Ex libris album) under his arm.
  • Benkard, Rudolf.
    Image | 1893Near naked athlete with sword and laurel crown posing on large books whose titles reflect fighting arts
  • De Benoist, Camille
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon, quarterly, 1st and 4th, azure a chevron or between a mullet in chief and a crescent in base
  • Béringuier, Richard, b. 1854
    Image | 1880Coat of arms. Escutcheon: quarterly, 1st and 4th, azure (blue), a large fleur-de-lis or (gold)
  • Bernstorff, Wm. Hugo von
    ImageCoat of arms: Escutcheon: tilia (linden) leaves on a fess wavy. Crest: crown
  • Bertschi, Otto
    ImageMulticolored. In a frame consisting of an eagle displayed and the portrait of a white-bearded man above, an escutcheon or (gold) with a bend lozengy vert (green), supported by two tigers.
  • Bertschi, Otto
    ImagePrinted in black and burgundy. Woman leans on book.
  • Bertschi, Otto
    ImageChild outdoors, holding doll
  • Bethlehem Public Library
    ImageText within double-line border.
  • Bettens, Louise E., 1827-1914
    ImageText within wreath
  • Bevan, Paul, 1860-1908
    Image | 1891Coat of arms. Escutcheon: ermine a bull passant between three annulets gules (red). Crest: a griffin passant or (gold), semée of annulets gules holding in dexter claw two annulets interlaced also gules. Motto: Duw fy noddfa (God is my refuge)
  • Bial, Adolf
    Image | 1902Printed in pink and black. Crested bird flying above sailing ship.
  • Biedermann, Gertrud
    ImageMythical/heroic scene, high-prow boat with arms on sails and trumpeters, passengers reclining, sails through crystalline-walled canyons, with many-towered castle on far shore
  • Binns, Richard William
    ImageCoat of arms hung on shelves with ceramics. Escutcheon, barry of five, or (gold) and gules (red), six martlets or, three on each gules bar. Crest: a martlet. Motto: Vincit veritas (Truth conquers)
  • Bird, Mary Frances
    Image | 1903{red and black} Rose encircled with text
  • Birmingham Public Library (Ala.)
    ImageLibrary building
  • Bixler, Paul Howard, 1899-
    ImageCoral, seahorse, angel fish.
  • Black, Dorothy M.
    ImagePegasus arising from smoke of oil lamp
  • Blacklidge, Mary; Blacklidge, Alfred
    ImagePrinted in black and red. Poppy-like design with open_file book at center
  • Blackstock, Ira Burton
    Image | 1902Coat of arms. Escutcheon: argent, charged with three tree trunks with bare branches, two over one