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  • Arenberg
    ImageCoat of arms. Oval escutcheon: gules (red), three cinqfoils, two over one. Supporters: dexter, lion rampant
  • Arizona Territorial Library
    ImageOval ink stamp (purple/blue) centered on torn paper (slightly affecting stamp)
  • Armstrong, James T.
    Image | 1900Raised arms hold uprooted oak tree with owl in upper branch. Portrait bottom right.
  • Army General School (U.S.). Library.
    ImageText and coat of arms within solid line border. Escutcheon: charged with winged lantern, saber and oil lamp, crested with horse's head erased
  • Arnold, Thomas James.
    ImagePrinted in black and red.
  • Athawes, John
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon sable (black), three carpenter's squares argent (silver) divided by a chevron or (gold) charged with a covered pot. Crest: lion rampant.
  • Atwood, Abigail Ann
    ImageYoung girl sits on big chair before a blackboard with simple words, letters, and calculations
  • D'Aubigny, Richard
    ImageRoundel containing cipher: RD
  • Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.). Library.
    ImageCollege seal showing eye in triangle and open_file book with motto: Scriptura sacra sola fide.
  • Aulet, Pio Freixa
    ImageTown in winter landscape
  • Aure, Anton, 1884-1924
    ImagePrinted in red. Double-headed grotesque creature, one head bent under.
  • Austin, Ennis Raymond, 1863-1951
    Image"Black ink on cream paper. Contains image of books being bound on a desk, with bookbinding tools. In the background are windows monogrammed """"TCC"""""
  • Austin, Grace J. (Grace Jewett), 1872-1948
    Image | 1910Tree with fruit.
  • Avery Library
    Image | 1890Text in architectural frame.
  • Aylorde, Henry
    ImageSeal with escutcheon: argent (silver), two bars gules (red) dividing 9 martlets sable (black), 3 in chief, 3 in fess, 3 in base
  • Ayres, Harry Morgan, 1881-1948.
    Image | 1904Renaissance youth on stool, reading a book with Greek word, beside arched doorway, on either side of which are shelves of books
  • Babcock, Langdon
    Image | 1904rugby football and crossed pennants with owner's initials
  • Bacon, Helen
    ImageWoman, globe, books
  • Baer, Carlyle S. (Carlyle Solomon), 1890-1969.
    Image | 1915Printed in red. Textura type and floral decorations.
  • Baer, Lyle S.
    Imagewoman sits on unmade bed, one shoe on, one shoe on floor
  • Bailey, William H. (William Henry), Sir, 1838-1913
    Image | 1898Coat of arms against a background of bookcase with owls. Escutcheon: argent (silver) two annulets or (gold) on a fess gules (red) between in chief 2 martlets of the last and in base a lymphad (galley) with four oars and sails furled. Helm and mantling. Crest: griffin rampant, wings chequy argent and azure, in his paw a banner gules semee with annulets [?]. Mottoes: Sapere au...
  • Baker, Abraham Whyte
    ImageComplex coat of arms. Escutcheon: quarterly, 1st and 4th argent (silver) a fess engrailed between 3 horse's heads sable (black), for Baker
  • Baker, E. Lewis
    ImageText within decorative border
  • Baker, Howard R.
    ImagePlants in a planter on pile of books
  • Balassa, Adalbert, Jr.
    Image | 1902One woman stands, one woman sits among objects: a lute, books, an artist's palette, scrolls, a magnifying glass, an hourglass
  • Balassa, Stephen
    ImageYoung man reads in study, on his desk an hourglass, candlestick brightly shining, books
  • Bancroft.
    ImageCoat of arms. Eschutcheon: or (gold) three garbs (sheaves) in a bend azure (blue) between 6 Jerusalem crosses of the same. Crest: a garb flanked by wings. Motto: Dat deus incrementum (God gives the increase).
  • Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926
    ImageCoat of arms. Eschutcheon: or (gold) three garbs (sheaves) in a bend invecked azure (blue) between 3 griffin's heads erased and 3 crosses crosslet of the last. Crest: 4 annulets azure linked, a garb between two wings, each charged with a cross crosslet azure. Motto: Vi et virtute (By strength and valor).
  • Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926
    ImageCoat of arms: Eschutcheon or (gold) a bend azure (blue) charged with three garbs (sheaves of wheat), in the upper field, 3 griffin's heads erased
  • Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926.
    ImageText mainly in batarde font.
  • Bangor Public Library
    Image | 1903City of Bangor seal within architectural relief
  • Bangor Public Library. Hersey Fund
    Image | 1897Portrait of Samuel Freeman Hersey flanked by seated figures: woman with torch reading and naked young man with oil lamp leaning on City of Bangor seal: tree, plow, wheel, anchor on seashore
  • Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund.
    Image | 1903Study desk with open_file books, ink pot and quills, papers, etc. beside window looking out on city
  • Bangor Public Library. Mechanic Association Fund
    Image | 1897Sculptural design featuring Labor personified as a seated woman supporting two shields bearing (1) City of Bangor seal: tree, plow, wheel, anchor on seashore
  • Barabás, Atala.
    Image | 1904Man's head and shoulders on books lying sideways, on heir spines the bookplate text.
  • Barbosa Machado, Diôgo, 1682-1772
    ImageCoat of arms. Escutcheon (oval): argent (silver) 3 crescents or (gold) in a bend azure (blue) between two lions rampant of the same. Crest: two angels, dexter arms raised, each grasping a tassel of an abbot's hat. Supporters: three putti.
  • Barclay, Robert
    ImageCrest: a dove with an olive branch in its mouth, perched o a straight wreath. Motto: Cedant arma.
  • Bargallo, F.
    Image | 1895Cipher: FB
  • Barger, B. Franklin.
    ImageAmerican flag on pole crossed with long sword