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John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection

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  1. Parmelee Library.

    Open book in frame
  2. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906
    Image | 1896

    Monk seated at desk in library, looking through microscope
  3. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906
    Image | 1898

    Woman with book and stylized tree
  4. Woodward, Fred E. (Fred Eugene), 1850-1930
    Image | 1898

    Man in wrap sits on high-backed chair by book shelf and contemplates the verse on the wall or an open_file book on the floor.
  5. Woodward, Sophie G., 1850-1930

    Young woman in cloak reading
  6. Bailey, William H. (William Henry), Sir, 1838-1913
    Image | 1898

    Coat of arms against a background of bookcase with owls. Escutcheon: argent (silver) two annulets or (gold) on a fess gules (red) between in chief 2 martlets of the last and in base a lymphad (galley) with four oars and sails furled. Helm and mantling. Crest: griffin rampant, wings chequy argent and azure, in his paw a banner gules semee with annulets [?]. Mottoes: Sapere au...
  7. Mü̈linen, Wolfgang Friedrich von, 1863-1917
    Image | 1892

    Coat of arms: Escutcheon or (gold), charged with a cross and circle (or wheel) sable (black)
  8. Cornell University. Libraries.

    Text with dotted lines for inscriptions
  9. Cornell University. Libraries.

    Text within solid line border
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    University seal: On either side of a monument with oil lamp, a craftsman with hammer and anvil, and a man reading a book.
  11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    MIT seal: On either side of a monument with oil lamp, a craftsman with hammer and anvil, and a man reading a book.
  12. Poirier, Philip Azarie.
    Image | 1904

    Cowboy wearing large-brimmed hat, bandana, holster and red shirt holds hand gun in outstretched arm. Artist's initial: N~
  13. Burchard, Georg

    Printed in green. Coat of arms. Escutcheon parted per pale: Dexter, castle with three towers on a base vert (green)
  14. Burchard, Georg
    Image | 1902

    Printed in black and red. Armorial shield, a banner around it with owner's name.
  15. Béringuier, Richard, b. 1854

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: quarterly, 1st and 4th, azure (blue), a large fleur-de-lis or (gold)
  16. Bargallo, F.
    Image | 1895

    Cipher: FB
  17. State of Connecticut

    Connecticut State Seal: Shield charged with three grapevines and motto on banner below
  18. Paine, Nathaniel, 1832-1917

    Escutcheon, crest and banner with motto: Duce natura sequor. Escutcheon: azure (blue) a bend, raguly, between six estoiles. Crest: In grass, an otter proper, in the mouth a fish.
  19. Hay, Arthur
    Image | 1904

    Architectural landscape: stairs leading up to fountain, with temple in background.
  20. Leiningen-Westerburg, Marie Magdalene, Grafin zu
    Image | 1892

    Putto reclining holds coronet with flowers
  21. Blacklidge, Mary; Blacklidge, Alfred

    Printed in black and red. Poppy-like design with open_file book at center
  22. Elliot, Frank M.
    Image | 1902

  23. Kirby-Smith, Caroline Selden

    Open book within chain link necklace with heart pendant
  24. Lamprecht, Theodore H.
    Image | 1902

    A man in a library is reading a book with his chin resting on right hand. Owl watches from bookshelf
  25. Milner, Madeleine Wade

    A woman sits reading a book in a room with a bookshelf and a fireplace.
  26. Nelson, Carrie; Black, Samuel L.
    Image | 1902

    Three children of various ages examine books on a table, books scattered on floor. Artist's cipher on open_file book: MS
  27. Williams, Julia Millet
    Image | 1903

    Owner's intials written in a cipher
  28. Keber, John B.
    Image | 1903

    A view of a small town in a spherical frame of keys and chestnuts (?), open_file book with "Ex Libris" and caduceus at top
  29. Gridley, Martin Medbery; Gridley, Ruth Farwell
    Image | 1902

    A man in legal robe and wig reads a large book
  30. Hamlin, Frank
    Image | 1902

    Contains image of owner against large confer
  31. Hardy, Francis A., 1819-1915; Hardy, Mary Parry
    Image | 1902

    Stylized plant (dandelion?)
  32. Moorman, Marion Ridley, 1878-1952

    Pendant with caduceus and motto: Quae prosunt omnibus
  33. Scofield, Charles Forest

    Scroll showing text and landscape.
  34. Ulrich, Russell, Mrs.

    Cipher and text
  35. Allison, Nathaniel

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold) a lion rampant, facing sinister between three fleurs de lis, dexter chief and sinister chief and base. Supporters: on each side an eagle, wings displayed & inverted. Crest: stylized crown, an armed hand holding a curved object. Motto: Spiro (I breathe). All within a circular frame of leaves.
  36. Howard-Smith, Leighton
    Image | 1903

    Coat of arms azure (blue) a chevron argent charged with two marlets and lion rampant, dividing 3 conches, two over one
  37. Taft, Mary Florence
    Image | 1902

    Wood carved plaque showing books, interior room with bookcase, china cabinet, plant, painting. Above, oil lamp and Bible open_file to Genesis
  38. Ekins, Frederick

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: argent, a bend lozengy sable between two crosses crosslet fitched azure. Inescutcheon: sable 3 crescents azure on a fess or between two lions passant argent. Crest: lion's (?) arm erased holding a lozenge containing a cross crosslet fitched. Motto: Fortiter gerit crucem (He bravely supports the cross).
  39. Indianapolis Sketching Club

    Art nouveau flower design.
  40. University Club (Denver, Colo.)
    Image | 1903

    Two men in high-backed seats are partially seen reading before fireplace