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French World War I Posters









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  1. Souscrivez pour hater la paix par la victoire
    Image | 1917

    The spirit of victory defends a mother and her infant.
  2. Vous aussi faites votre devoir: avec toutes vos ressources Souscrivez a l'emprunt

    A woman holds a gun and a baby as she watches a soldier plow the field.
  3. La souscription va être close le 16

    Three soldiers stand in a trench. Two point at the text above and below them.
  4. Eux aussi! Font leur devoir

    A wounded soldier points to a group of people lined up at a window labeled "Caisse."
  5. Français souscrivez au Deuxiéme Emprunt
    Image | 1916

    Flags reading "Honneur et Patrie" fly above the text, while bundled spears frame it on the sides, and a bucolic French landscape is below it.
  6. En Avant Armée de l’epargne

    Citizens old and young are throwing money onto steps at the feet of a woman dressed in a French flag (Marianne) and a baby with a helmet and a sword. Above the two is a statue of winged victory.
  7. Pour la France versez votre or
    Image | 1915

    A German soldier is forced to his knees by an enormous French coin bearing a French coq.
  8. Faisons tous notre devoir

    On the left side of the poster a soldier stands on a battlefield. On the right side, a couple gives money to the war effort.
  9. On les aura!

    French soldier runs forward with his arm raised, looking back over his shoulder.
  10. Emprunt de la Défense Nationale
    Image | 1915

    A mother and her children watch a soldier wave as he heads off to war.
  11. Le Cardinal Mercier protege la Belgique
    Image | 1916

    A cardinal in full regalia stands in front of a huddled crowd.
  12. Journée du Puy de Dome. Paquetage du Soldat 23 Janvier 1916
    Image | 1916

    Two young people carry a package through the snow.
  13. Journée de l'Herault 15 Octobre 1916
    Image | 1916

    Bacchus sits on top of a wine cask and threatens a German soldier with a flower. The German soldier spills beer out of a stein, while a French soldier behind the cask holds a glass of wine. A fox runs under the German’s boot.
  14. Le retour au foyer
    Image | 1917

    Two wide-eyed children, a girl and a boy holding a cat, stand in front of a ruined home.
  15. No title [Image of Lafayette and Uncle Sam]

    A statue of Lafayette mounted on a horse reaches down and clasps hands with Uncle Sam.
  16. L'emprunt de la Libération

    Kaiser Wilhelm II walks with bowed head and broken sword. Behind him, the flags of the allied nations press him forward.
  17. Pour le dernier quart d’heure…aidez-moi!..

    French soldiers march across a cratered field as officers watch.
  18. Pour la Patrie

    Algerians and Tunisians on horseback charge into battle.
  19. Liberté

    A French soldier prepares to plant a tattered flag reading “Liberté” into Europe on a large globe.
  20. Pour la liberté du monde

    The Statue of Liberty appears over a watery horizon.
  21. Souscrire, c’est hater son retour avec la Victoire

    An Algerian soldier hugs his wife in front of an open_file-air marketplace. His child, towing a toy cannon, holds on to the mother’s hand and looks up at him.
  22. Pour que vos enfants ne connaissent plus les horreurs de la guerre

    A mother carries her child to bed. Above the bed is a photo of the father, a soldier.
  23. Pour le Drapeau! Pour la Victoire!
    Image | 1917

    A crowned woman holds a French flag and a sword above her head. A legion of soldiers is lined up behind her, and olive branches litter the ground at her feet.
  24. Pour la France qui combat! Pour celle qui chaque jour grandit

    A soldier holds up a young child in his arms, while a mother nurses her infant in the background.
  25. Pour le triomphe souscrivez a l'Emprunt National

    Thousands of French soldiers march beneath the Arc d'Triomphe as a ghost army from the past wars descend from the sky and the spirit of victory urges them on.
  26. Emprunt Française

    The insignia for all of the French provinces form the border of this poster, while the French coq stands under the text.
  27. L'emprunt des "Derniéres Cartouches"

    A man and young girl hand munitions to a soldier as he watches the enemy retreat.
  28. Republique Française 3e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale

    The spirit of France stands on top of a globe above a sea of flags.
  29. 3e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale

    An image of an elderly couple counting money.