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  • White Sox team of 1917
    Image | 1917Caption: "This is the White Sox team of 1917, champions of the American League and winners over the New York Giants for the world's title. In the center and forefront is Manager Rowland. Behind him to the right stands Kid Gleason, then coach, now manager. With the exception of Dick Kerr and a number of utility players and late-comers, the group includes every member of the 1...
  • Wigwam, site of 1860 Republican Convention
    Image | 1910Caption: The "Wigwam" where the Republican National Convention of 1860 challenged slavery by the nomination of Abraham Lincoln. Source for creator name: Lost Chicago (2000), by David Gerrard Lowe, p. 235.
  • Wilbur F. Storey
    Image | 1910Caption: "Wilbur F. Storey (Owner and Editor of The Chicago Times)"
  • William B. Ogden
    Image | 1910Caption: "William B. Ogden (Chicago's First Mayor, and "Biggest All-round Man in the Northwest")". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • William Butler Ogden
    Image | 1919Caption: "William Butler Ogden, Chicago's First Mayor. From the portrait by G. P. A. Healy. By courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society."
  • William D. Boyce
    Image | 1912From text: "A great nation is always the net result of the efforts of great individuals
  • William F. Coolbaugh
    Image | 1910From text: "William Findlay Coolbaugh's rise and success was for a time phenomenal. He came to Chicago from Burlington, Iowa, with some reputation as a banker, and, though still in the thirties, so conspicuous was he in politics, that he received the Democratic vote for Senator in the Iowa Legislature. Within a few years of his arrival in Chicago, he became president of the ...
  • William Hale Thompson
    Image | 1915Frontispiece. Thompson served as mayor of Chicago from 1915–1923, and 1927–1931.
  • William Hale Thompson, Mayor
    Image | 1919Quotation below: "Let us turn our eyes to the future, with a determination to solve every question of reconstruction and to meet all problems of future progress of our beloved city, in that spirit of loyalty and unselfish helpfulness that has made Chicago one of the wonders of the world and has challenged the admiration of all mankind. For she stands as the living embodiment...
  • William McJunkin
    Image | 1919William D. McJunkin was an advertising executive. He wrote the chapter entitled "Chicago Calls," in Chicago's reconstruction plan.
  • Wolf's Point, Chicago, 1832
    Image | 1910Caption: "Wolf's Point, Chicago, 1832 Near the Site of the North-Western Line Passenger Station, Wells Street, Chicago"
  • Woman's Temple
    Image | 1906Caption: "The Woman's Temple, at the corner of Monroe and La Salle streets, stands as a monument to the untiring temperance workers of Chicago. It is twelve stories high and contains three hundred offices. The building is a fire-proof structure of steel, granite and terra cotta, and was built by the W. C. T. U. at a cost of $1,500,000." The building was designed by the firm ...
  • Women's Local 275
    Image | 1922Caption: "Officers and Executive Board Members Women's Local 275".
  • Women's room in safe deposit vaults
    Image | 1902From text: "At the left is a reception room for women, furnished quite in the style of a similar apartment in a luxurious residence. A uniformed maid is in attendance, the huge mahogany table in the center of a splendid rug contains a score of late magazines, and the chairs invite the visitor to rest and read. At one side of the room is an open fireplace topped with a marble...
  • Wood's Museum
    Image | 1869Lettering in illustration reads: "Wood's Museum Randolph street, between Clark and Dearborn." From text: "Col. Wood's Museum [i]s on Randolph street, between Clark and Dearborn streets. It is a handsome marble front, four-story building. It is divided into several large halls, on the second, third, and fourth floors, which are entered by a spacious stair-case, ascending dire...
  • Wood's Museum and Theatre
    Image | 1910Caption: "Wood's Museum and Theatre Originally Kingsbury Hall By courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Image undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • Wrought-iron railing
    Image | 1963Caption: "A wrought-iron railing edges the balcony of a residence on Fremont. The supporting corbel includes a female head."