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  1. Residence of Henry H. McKay
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Henry H. McKay 7204 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"
  2. Residence of Edward H. Uhl
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Edward H. Uhl 7208 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"
  3. Residence of Charles Bosch
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Charles Bosch View of East Front from Birchwood Beach"
  4. Lake Michigan
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Lake Michigan From Foot of Granville Ave., North Edgewater"
  5. Residence of C. C. Linthicum
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. C. C. Linthicum 1315 Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill."
  6. Residence of E. L. Fowler
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence and studio of Mr. E. L. Fowler 1641 Orrington Ave., Evanston, Ill."
  7. Residence of E. H. Stafford
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. E. H. Stafford 911 Sheridan Road, Wilmette, Ill."
  8. Residence of Henry W. Schultz
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Henry W. Schultz Kenilworth, Ill." Designed by architect George W. Maher and completed in 1909.
  9. Residence of Paul Schulze
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Paul Schulze Melrose Ave., Kenilworth, Ill."
  10. Hoyne and other strike arbitrators
    Image | 1916

    Caption: "State's Attorney Hoyne, representing the strikers in the street car arbitration that resulted in a victory for the men. The other arbitrators, in the order named, are: Mayor Thompson, Attorney James Sheehan and Attorney George W. Miller."
  11. Residence of Franklin Rudolph
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Franklin Rudolph 745 Sheridan Road, Winnetka, Ill."
  12. Residence of Harry Rubens
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Harry Rubens Glencoe, Ill."
  13. Residence of Frederick Morgan Steele
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Frederick Morgan Steele 581 Sheridan Road, N. E., Highland Park, Ill."
  14. Residence of Harry B. Hurd
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Harry B. Hurd 7214 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"
  15. Residence of J. C. Haegele
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. J. C. Haegele 7230 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"
  16. Residence of Verne L. Brado
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Verne L. Brado 7320 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"
  17. Residence of R. C. Haskins
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. R. C. Haskins 7350 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"
  18. Residence of Richard H. Mather
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Richard H. Mather 1539 Sherwin Ave., Birchwood"
  19. Residence of Callistus S. Ennis
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Callistus S. Ennis 1437 Pratt Ave., Rogers Park"
  20. Sea wall at Wheeler residence
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Massive sea wall protecting Mr. Albert G. Wheeler's lawn Foot of Sheridan Road and Devon Ave., North Edgewater Shore Line of Rogers Park and Evanston in background"
  21. 50-50: Fighting Chicago's Crime Trusts
    Image | 1916

    Cover of the book,"50-50": Fighting Chicago's Crime Trusts.
  22. Residence of Charles Bosch
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Charles Bosch Fargo Avenue and Birchwood Beach, Birchwood"
  23. Moraine Hotel
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Moraine Sheridan Road, Highland Park, Ill." Moraine Hotel on the Lake, designed by architect and former Highland Park mayor W. W. Boyington, and was built from 1893-1900. In 1971 the hotel was demolished and the property used to create Moraine Park. (source: Architectural Resources of Highland Park, Illinois: Northeast Survey Area: A Summary and Inventory....
  24. Loyola Academy
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Loyola Academy, Rogers Park High School Department of Loyola University (The first of the University Buildings being erected on this site)". Building is now part of the Loyola University campus and has been renamed Dumbach Hall.
  25. Main vestibule
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Main Vestibule Loyola Academy."
  26. Wolf's Point, Chicago, 1832
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Wolf's Point, Chicago, 1832 Near the Site of the North-Western Line Passenger Station, Wells Street, Chicago"
  27. Homestead of Robert R. Clark
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Homestead of the late Robert R. Clark (Built in 1859) Intersection Halsted and Clark Streets, Chicago Courtesy of Mrs. B. A. Squire". The house served as a refuge for many Northside residents after the Chicago Fire of 1871. Photograph is undated but possibly taken in the 1880s.
  28. Lake View House
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Lake View House (Permission Mr. James J. Wilson and Chicago Historical Society)". From text: ""There was also a hotel, called the Lake View House, having been opened on July 4, 1854, occupying a site at the northwest corner of what is now designated Grace Street and Sheridan Road. This had been built by James H. Rees and Elisha E. Huntley, and was, without ...
  29. Log house at Kenilworth
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Log house at Kenilworth, built by John Doyle Torn down about 1902 (Courtesy Chicago Historical Society)". Photograph is undated but probably was taken in the 1890s.
  30. Indian trail tree at lakeside
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Indian trail tree at Lakeside (Courtesy Chicago Historical Society)"