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Picture Chicago

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  • Edward J. Kelly
    Image | 1933From text: "Edward J. Kelly World's Fair Mayor[.] Chicago's second World's Fair came near starting as the first one had ended--without a mayor… On April 14, 1933, Edward Joseph Kelly, president of the South Park Board, was duly empowered with the task of guiding the World's Fair city throughout the remainder of Cermak's term following the declining of the honor by the ageing...
  • Edwin Burritt Smith
    Image | 1907From text: "The City was fortunate in its choice of attorneys to represent it in the litigation. Edgar B. Tolman, Corporation Counsel, was a lawyer of marked ability. Associated with him as special traction counsel were Edwin Burritt Smith and John C. Mathis."
  • Elgin Shirt advertisement
    Image | 1906Copy reads: "Negligé Coats Are the Thing Fall Line Now Ready Cutter and Crossette Makers Chicago The Elgin Shirt"
  • Elijah Peacock
    Image | 1922Caption: "Elijah Peacock Founder of the House of Peacock, February, 1837"
  • Ellen Gates Starr
    Image | 1922From text: "The value of the services of such women during the strike as Ellen Gates Starr, Mrs. Raymond Robins, Jane Addams, Amelia Sears, Mrs. Lillie, Mrs. John Furie, Grace Abbott, and others, was incalculable. Without almost a single important exception the sympathy of the public leaned to the side of the workers and had its effect in weakening and undermining the morale...
  • Ellsworth Requiem March
    Image | 1910Caption: "The Ellsworth Requiem March' (The Cover Shows an Authentic Portrait of Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth, Chicago's Youthful Hero, the First Soldier Killed in the Civil War) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Text on cover: "To the memory of Col. E. E. Ellsworth. Who fell at Alexandria, Va., May 24th, 1861. Col. Ellsworth Requiem March, by A. J. Vaas. Published ...
  • Emilio Grandinetti
    Image | 1922One of four individuals depicted above caption: "National Organizers, Chicago Campaign, 1919". On photograph: "371 I. P. E. U."
  • Entrance to Calvary Cemetery
    Image | 1893From text: "The improved taste of late years in the choice of sites for cemeteries and the methods adopted for their embellishment, together with the wide-felt public interest in them, and the laws which guard them from desecration, are certainly very aptly illustrated in Calvary. ... The cemetery is located south of and adjoining the village of South Evanston, ten miles nor...
  • Entrance to Forest Home
    Image | 1893in fact their equal in that respect can not be found around Chicago. No spot could be more advantageously situated than the location of Forest Home, it being fifty-six feet above the level of Lake Michigan and the crown of the water-shed between the Atlantic and the Gulf. The water running from the roof of a house on the grounds on one side finds the St. Lawrence, while the ...
  • Entrance to Rosehill Cemetery
    Image | 1883From text: "The projectors of Rose Hill have wisely selected grounds far enough from the city proper to insure no molestation of the ashes of the dead in the future, and have chosen grounds high enough for the purposes intended, and also those susceptible of improvement at a slight expense. They are of easy access both by rail and drives, which is certainly a desirable featu...
  • Entrance to Stock Yards
    Image | 1891Caption: "Entrance to Stock Yards." From text: "No reference to Chicago of a statistical nature, even of the most infinitesimal character, would be complete without passing reference at least to the Union Stock Yards and the part they play in the world's economy. ... The yards were considered quite isolated at the time, but the city has grown so rapidly they have been annexe...
  • Entrance to vault
    Image | 1902From text: "The portal of this treasure house is guarded by a double set of eight-ton doors similar to those in position in the business vaults of the bank on the floor above. A sentinel stands always at either door, although during business hours the eight-ton door is of course swung open and a heavy bronze and steel-grated door bars the entrance on the inner side of the ve...
  • Entrance to Waldheim Cemetery
    Image | 1893From text: "Situated in the town of Harlem, on the Desplaines River, and about nine miles from the city, is a German cemetery of exceptional beauty in its general aspect as well as in the tasteful and pleasing manner … Like most of the other large cemeteries, Waldheim is open to all, and makes no distinction between the believer or unbeliever, between Christian, Jew or Heath...
  • Equitable Trust Company's offices
    Image | 1902Caption: "Entrance to Equitable Trust Company's Offices." From text: "Bronze elevators, operated by electricity and moving in a shaft inclosed in beautifully designed bronze scrollwork, noiselessly carry the visitor to the upper floors in the front portion of the building. Here are the offices of the Equitable Trust Company, a corporation which acts as executor of estates an...
  • The execution
    Image | 1889Engraving depicts August Spies, Adolph Fischer, George Engel and Albert Parsons standing at the gallows, moments before their execution on Nov. 11, 1887.
  • Executive Offices, Chicago Joint Board
    Image | 1922Frank Rosenblum Directing".
  • Executive Offices, Chicago Joint Board
    Image | 1922Frank Rosenblum Directing".
  • Exposition building
    Image | 1875Caption: "Exposition Building, Chicago." This appears to be an image of the Interstate Exposition Building, which was located along South Michigan Avenue, in present day Grant Park. See
  • Farmhouse at Mohawk and Armitage
    Image | 1963Caption: "A survivor of the Chicago Fire is the farmhouse above, set in spacious grounds at Mohawk and Armitage. It was built in 1863 for about $800."
  • Farragut Boat Club
    Image | 1888From text: "The present club house (at 3016 Lake Park Avenue) was completed in the spring of 1886."
  • Farwell's Building
    Image | 1883From text: "Within the past year they have moved into their new building, the largest, most extensive, and best arranged for their business in the East or West. … Regarding the architectural beauty of this building, it can be truthfully said to rival any building in Chicago. It is constructed of Philadelphia pressed brick, with stone trimmings, and the architects and contrac...
  • Father Jacques Marquette
    Image | 1933Caption: "Father Jaques (sic) Marquette, S. J."
  • Federal Building
    Image | 1930it contains the principal Federal offices, including the Post Office, the second largest in the U. S., which does an annual business of almost $62,000,000, approximately one-seventh of the gross yearly business of the entire Post Office Department of the United States. A view of the great central rotunda is highly impressive."
  • Federal Building at Chicago
    Image | 1912Caption: "Federal Building at Chicago: Begun in 1896, completed in 1905"
  • Ferguson Fountain of the Great Lakes
    Image | 1913Caption: "The Ferguson Fountain of the Great Lakes."
  • Field, Leiter & Co's
    Image | 1869Caption: "Field, Leiter & Co's Establishment." From text: "Dry Goods, Wholesale. Field, Palmer & Leiter, State, N. E. cor. Washington street."
  • Field Museum
    Image | 1906Caption: "The Art Building of the famous World's Fair of 1893, is the only one of the white structures preserved in Jackson Park. It had its beginnings as a permanent institution from the contributions of rare articles by exhibitors at the Exposition. It was first intended to be called "The Columbian Museum," but on an endowment of one million dollars from Marshall Field, it...
  • Field Museum front elevation
    Image | 1919Caption: "Front elevation of New Field Museum of Natural History just constructed on East Roosevelt Road at Grant Park."
  • Field Museum perspective view
    Image | 1919Caption: "Perspective view of New Field Museum of Natural History."
  • Finance Department
    Image | 1922Caption: "Finance Department Main Office Chicago Joint Board Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America."
  • First Baptist Church
    Image | 1869From text: "First Baptist Church, Wabash av., cor. Hubbard court."
  • First Congregational Church
    Image | 1910Caption: "First Congregational Church By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • First depot of Galena & Chicago Union Railroad
    Image | 1880-1889Caption: "The first depot of the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad Company (now Chicago & Northwestern Railway). This depot stood at the southwest corner of North Canal and West Kinzie streets. It was built in 1848 and was Chicago's first railroad depot. In 1881 the depot was removed. By courtesy of Chicago Historical Society" From text: "It was a one-story frame building loca...
  • First National Bank Building
    Image | 1869The First National Bank was located at the southwest corner of State and Washington streets.
  • First taxicab in Chicago
    Image | 1912Caption: "The first taxicab seen in Chicago--C. A. Coey, owner."
  • Fisk Hall
    Image | 1912Caption: "Fisk Hall, The Academy of Northwestern University: At the right is the United States Life Saving Station. Courtesy of Northwestern University".
  • Forge department
    Image | 1908Photograph is included in section on company's Detroit facility.
  • Fort Dearborn
    Image | 1869From text: "About this time the first fort was erected--a common frontier block-house, which was situated near the site of Rush street bridge, on the south side of the river."
  • Frances E. Willard
    Image | 1912From text: "It is safe to say that no name among the residents of Evanston looms larger on the pages of the country's history than that of Frances Elizabeth Willard. … In 1874, Miss Willard was elected president of the Illinois Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and gave her whole time to the work. In 1883, she projected the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union, of wh...
  • Francis F. Browne
    Image | 1910Image appears to be an enhanced photograph. Undated but appears to be from the 1860s.