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Picture Chicago

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  • Brake beam department
    Image | 1908Caption: "Brake Beam Department--South". The Chicago Railway Equipment Company was established in 1887, and in its first twenty years of operation it produced and sold over six million brake beams. (Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago ) Photograph is included in section on company's Detroit facility.
  • Brake beam department
    Image | 1908Caption: "Brake Beam Department--North". The Chicago Railway Equipment Company was established in 1887, and in its first twenty years of operation it produced and sold over six million brake beams. (Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago ) Photograph is included in section on company's Detroit facility.
  • Branch reading room
    Image | 1911From text: "A goodly portion of well-chosen juvenile books serves to attract the children of the neighborhood, whose interest is further enlisted by means of an occasional story hour, when stories of the famous myths and heroes of other times and climes are told by an expert children's librarian."
  • Branch Settlement House
    Image | 1901Caption: "Branch Settlement House near Old Commons." From text: "The appeal of the child life of the traffic crowded streets and ill equipped homes, won the first response from our hearts and home. There were then neither place nor provision for the littlest children in the public schools. So we determined to lay the foundation of our work in the kindergarten. .. . When the ...
  • Business office in Tacoma Building
    Image | 1893Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Business Office, New York Mutual Life Insurance Co., Tacoma Bldg [Charles H. Ferguson, Agent.]". From text: ""Elsewhere is presented in this volume an engraving of the interior of the counting room of Charles H. Ferguson, general agent of the New York Mutual Life Insurance Company for the State of Illinois. The offices are...
  • C. A. Coey and Charles Bonaparte
    Image | 1912Caption: "At the left--C. A. Coey, next to him--Charles Bonaparte, grandson of the late Napoleon the Great." Note: Charles Joseph Bonaparte was in fact a grand nephew of Napoleon 1.
  • C. A. Coey's School of Motoring
    Image | 1912From text: "The object of our school is to prepare young men throughout the country to become expert chauffeurs, repairmen, demonstrators, salesmen, garage managers, etc. Our president, Mr. C. A. Coey, has been in the automobile business for twelve years, and he is one of the most prominent automobile men in America today."
  • C. A. Coey's School of Motoring
    Image | 1912Book cover: "C. A. Coey's School of Motoring 1424-26 Michigan Ave. Chicago"
  • Call for the Haymarket Meeting
    Image | 1889Text in English and German. Partial transcription: "Attention Workingmen! Great mass-meeting to-night, at 7.30 o'clock at the Haymarket, Randolph St., bet. Desplaines and Halstead. Achtung Arbeiter! Grosse Massen-Versammlung heute Abend, halb 8 Uhr, auf dem Heumarkt, Randolph-Strasse. zwifchen Desplaines u. Halsted-Str."
  • Calumet Club
    Image | 1888Building was located at Michigan Avenue and Twentieth Street.
  • Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. Building
    Image | 1906Caption: "One of the largest department stores on State Street is that of Carson, Pirie, Scott & Company. For years it was located in the building here shown, diagonally across the city from the Marshall Field store. The concern recently removed to more ample quarters in a new structure at the corner of Madison and State streets." Building was designed by architect Louis H. ...
  • Carter H. Harrison
    Image | 1907Carter H. Harrison Jr., was the 30th mayor of Chicago and held office from 1897–1905, and 1911–1915.
  • Carter H. Harrison
    Image | 1904Caption: "Hon. Carter H. Harrison, Mayor of Chicago."
  • Carter H. Harrison
    Image | 1913Frontispiece. Harrison was mayor of Chicago from 1897–1905, and 1911–1915.
  • C. D. Peacock
    Image | 1922From text: "Elijah Peacock came here in 1837 and engaged in his trade of Jeweler and Watch Repairer, a calling that had already descended through three generations, following the English custom, and which his son, Charles (C. D.), who was born in 1838, and who has been one of our leading men in that line, tells me will be continued indefinitely, as the mantel is slipping fro...
  • Central group of Ferguson Fountain
    Image | 1913Caption: "The Ferguson Fountain of the Great Lakes: Central Group."
  • Central Park
    Image | 1875Caption: "Cntral Park, Chicago".
  • Central YMCA Building
    Image | 1906Located at 19 S. LaSalle Street. Designed by Jenney & Mundie and built in 1893.
  • Chamber of Commerce
    Image | 1869and above this the grand hall, where the members of the Board of Trade assemble daily. The building is surmounted by a Mansard roof, pierced with oval windows, the corners ornamented with urns. The entrance consists of four handsome Corinthian columns, from which spring three arches supporting a handsome balcony, underneath which a broad flight of stairs leads to the first f...
  • Charles A. Comiskey
    Image | 1919Frontispiece. Caption: "The Old Roman."
  • Charles A. Comiskey
    Image | 1919Caption: "Frank Wing, cartoonist on the staff of the St. Paul Dispatch, and author of the well-known 'The Fotygraft Album,' is guilty of the above addition to the Comiskey gallery. Says Frank: 'This here's Charley Comiskey, th' baseball man, when he lived here in St. Paul and managed th' Saints, as they call our team.'"
  • Charles A. Comiskey
    Image | 1917Caption: "The Old Roman ready for a hike in the northern woods (1917)." From text: "Wherever the Sox go, at trainload of camp followers are certain to be on the trail. Many found it inconvenient to go in the spring. For these 'Commy' instituted the annual fall hegiras to the northern woods. Prominent men in all walks of life and from different sections of the country have be...
  • Charles A. Comiskey and A. G. Spalding
    Image | 1913Caption: "Charles A. Comiskey (left) and A. G. Spalding snapped together for the first and only time. This meeting took place at Comiskey Park just before the famous White Sox-Giants world tour."
  • Charles A. Comiskey as St. Louis Browns player-manager
    Image | 1919Caption: "Comiskey as manager and first-baseman of the St. Louis Browns." Image appears to be an enhanced photograph.
  • Charles A. Comiskey at opening of new park
    Image | 1910Caption: "Comiskey at the opening of his $1,000,000 baseball park in 1910."
  • Charles H. Burr
    Image | 1922Caption: "Charles H. Burr, Secretary-Treasurer. Officers Chicago Joint Board". On photograph: "371 I. P. E. U."
  • Charles H. Reed
    Image | 1910Caption: "Charles H. Reed, Prosecuting Attorney (""Charley" Reed was the Unwilling Victim of the Arnold-Swett "Lincoln Séance," and Later of His Own too Great Popularity)"
  • Charles H. Wacker
    Image | 1919Caption: "Charles H. Wacker, Chairman Chicago Plan Commission."
  • Charles W. Fairbanks, C. A. Coey, Judge Hanecy
    Image | 1912Caption: "Ex-Vice President Fairbanks, C. A. Coey, and Judge Hanecy"
  • Chicago A Century of Progress
    Image | 1933Text: "Chicago 1833 1933 A Century of Progress"
  • Chicago and Northwestern terminal
    Image | 1912Caption: "Passenger Terminal, Chicago Chicago and North Western Railway"
  • Chicago, before the fire
    Image | 1933Caption: "Chicago, as It Was Before the Fire"
  • Chicago Brotherhood team of 1890
    Image | 1890Caption: "One of the greatest combinations of stars ever put together--Comiskey's Chicago Brotherhood team of 1890."
  • Chicago Club
    Image | 1888Caption: "Chicago Club, Monroe St." From text: "After the fire the present building was erected on Monroe Street, just opposite the Palmer House."
  • Chicago Commons' playground
    Image | 1901Caption: "Chicago Commons' Play Ground. The only Playground for 12,000 Children." From text: "The summer activities of Chicago Commons have grown very normally in both variety and expense. … [T]he work enlarged to include … the establishment of the Chicago Commons playground (20 X 160 feet,) open every afternoon and all day Sunday under the supervision of residents, with an ...
  • Chicago Commons Woman's Club
    Image | 1901From text: "[T]he Chicago Commons Woman's Club … now numbers about 125 women, and includes the representatives of twelve or fifteen nationalities and many different sects. Its Tuesday afternoon meetings, (our flash-light view of the latest, gives some idea of their popularity and pleasure), is an event each week in the lives of its members and the house."
  • Chicago For the Tourist
    Image | 1912Book cover. Full text: "Chicago For the Tourist Reached by the Illinois Central R. R." Image depicts the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Lincoln Park.
  • Chicago For the Tourist
    Image | 1912Book cover. Full text: "Chicago For The Tourist Reached by the Illinois Central R. R." Image depicts Grant Park, with the Logan Statue in the foreground, and the Illinois Central Station at 11th Street and S. Michigan Avenue behind.
  • Chicago from the air
    Image | 1930Caption: "Chicago from the Air, Showing Lake Michigan, Grant Park and Michigan Boulevard". From text: "Europeans have sauntered up Michigan Avenue at theatre time, when the moon was climbing out of the lake, silhouetting the classic lions of the Art Institute against a Maxfield Parrish sky, glorifying the Grecian peristyle with its silver radiance, and they have pronounced i...