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Picture Chicago

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  • Park Row
    Image | 1910Caption: "Park Row By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • Park swimming pool
    Image | 1904From text: "Under an act passed by the legislature May 14, 1903, the South Park commissioners were authorized to issue bonds to the extent of one million dollars for the purpose and creation of small parks or playgrounds in the South Park district. … There will also be in each of the playgrounds a swimming tank or pool varying in size from 80x50 to 150x75. This pool will be ...
  • Paul Schulze
    Image | 1912Paul Schulze was president of the Schulze Baking Company of Chicago.
  • Peoples Gas Building
    Image | 1920Caption: "Beauty and Business." View is looking northwest, from the Art Institute of Chicago, towards the Peoples Gas Building located at 122 S. Michigan Avenue. The Pullman Building appears at left.
  • Peristyle at the lake front
    Image | 1920Frontispiece. Color enhanced print showing peristyle at Randolph Street and the Michigan Avenue streetwall buildings, including the Montgomery Ward Building, at center.
  • Physiography laboratory
    Image | 1912Caption: "Physiography Laboratory--Marshall High School. By courtesy of the Board of Education."
  • Plan for Michigan Avenue
    Image | 1919Caption: "Plan of boulevard to connect the north and south sides of the city, view looking north from Washington Street. Painting by Jules Guerin. From the collection of the Chicago Plan Commission. Copyright, The Commercial Club of Chicago."
  • Plan to straighten Chicago River
    Image | 1921Caption: "Plan to straighten South Branch of Chicago River." From text: "By straightening the river, as the city council has very recently proposed to do, the land lying between Clark Street and the present river channel would be capable of harmonious development along normal rectangular lines. ... Briefly, this report recommends the straightening of the Chicago River betwee...
  • Plat of Camp Douglas
    Image | 1910Caption: "Plat of Camp Douglas By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Image is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • Polish Coat Makers Local 38
    Image | 1922Caption: "Officers and Executive Board Members Polish Coat Makers Local 38". On photograph: "371 I. P. E. U."
  • Porch figures on Dewes House
    Image | 1963Caption: "Stone figures support the porch of a home built in 1896 for Chicago brewer Francis J. Dewes. Located on Wrightwood and Hampden Court, it now houses the Swedish Engineers Society."
  • Post Office
    Image | 1906Caption: "The Post Office The new Post Office Building, one of the most magnificent postal structures in the United States, is located in a square formed by Adams, Clark and Dearborn streets and Jackson Boulevard. The delay in its completion caused many spirited controversies. From this great central station radiate forty-seven carrier stations, four stations without carrier...
  • Post office overhead carrier system
    Image | 1906Caption: "Overhead carrier system in the post-office, similar to cash carriers used in stores."
  • Post Office pneumatic tube system
    Image | 1906Caption: "End of the big pneumatic tube system in the basement of the Chicago Post Office." From text: "The underground pneumatic tube system is the largest of the kind in the world. There are three double-tube trunk lines, aggregating over eighteen miles of eight-inch cast iron pipe. Of these lines the stockyards branch is the longest, the station being six and one-half mil...
  • Power room
    Image | 1908
  • Proposed South Water Street improvements
    Image | 1919Caption: "View of proposed South Water Street and river front improvements by E. H. Bennett, consultant architect. From the collection of the Chicago Plan Commission." From text: "To complete Chicago's great central district, the greatest in the world, South Water Street must be reclaimed for all the people. South Water Street can be made into the second finest thoroughfare ...
  • Public Library
    Image | 1906Caption: "Chicago's Public Library building bears the reputation of being one of the finest library structures in the world. The interior is exquisitely finished in marble, mother-of-pearl and onyx. It is situated on Michigan Avenue between Randolph and Washington streets, and commands a view of Lake Michigan. Upon its shelves are more than three hundred thousand volumes. He...
  • Public library and John Crerar Library
    Image | 1930From text: "The Chicago Public Library occupies one of the handsomest public buildings in the Loop, at Michigan Boulevard, Washington and Randolph Streets. The structure is of Bedford limestone upon a granite base, and its impressive architecture combines several classic styles, Greek, neo-Greek, and Roman. Entering from Washington Street, the visitor beholds the superb flyi...
  • Pullman Building
    Image | 1891From text: "In height it corresponds to the Virginia Hotel, corner Rush and Ohio Streets, and the Pullman and Studebaker Buildings on Michigan Avenue--140 feet."
  • The Push-o-mobile
    Image | 1903Caption: "The Push-o-mobile." From text: "The fourth successful political campaign hand-running, in which Chicago Commons has taken effective part, was won last month. As the settlement experience and civic significance of the three victorious years may prove suggestive and encouraging to others as the ourselves, we let our readers have the story ... The election of Lewis D....
  • Railroad crossing bells
    Image | 1891Caption: "Hall Signal Co." From text: "The Hall Signal Co. of 50 Broadway, New York, and 340 The Rookery, Chicago, are manufacturers of all kinds of Electric and Mechanical Signaling apparatus for railroads. The Hall Automatic Electric Block Signal System is in operation on twenty-one of the leading railroads of this country. On the opposite page is shown an application of t...
  • Railway Exchange Building
    Image | 1906Caption: "This edifice is numbered among the handsomest office buildings in the city. It is located on Michigan Avenue, near the Art Institute, overlooking Lake Michigan. The structure is devoted to office purposes, being designed especially for the accommodation of railroad headquarters." Building designed by firm of Burnham and Root.
  • Railway lines south from Chicago
    Image | 1912Caption: "Illinois Central and Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroads and Connections Showing Direct Lines to Chicago." From text: "Direct to Chicago via the Illinois Central R. R. Best of daily through train service from the South[.] As shown by the opposite map, the Illinois Central, in addition to its lines in other directions, has a particularly strong group of direct line...
  • Railway mail car
    Image | 1906Caption: "Distributing the mail en route."
  • Railway post office
    Image | 1906Caption: "The "R. P. O."--The Railway Post Office"
  • Reading room
    Image | 1911From text: "The Reading Room for current periodicals is one of the largest rooms in the building occupying the entire north front on the fourth floor. Nearly twelve hundred publications are regularly received and kept on file here, comprising all the popular American and English periodicals, reviews, and weeklies, a selection of the best publications in German, French, and o...
  • Reading room for young people
    Image | 1911to offer aid and counsel in the preparation of school work, essays, and debates
  • Receiving the Keeley treatment
    Image | 1893Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Keeley Institute--Taking the Hypodermic Treatment. [See "Keeley Institute."]". From text: "An illustration of the method pursued is given in this work. This shows Dr. Keeley in the foreground, noting the condition of patients as they pass from the hands of the operating physicians. The four daily hypodermic injections ...
  • Reception at Court House
    Image | 1910Caption: "Reception of the remains at the Court House"
  • Reference room
    Image | 1911From text: "… the Reference Department, designed to serve and assist readers who may come to pursue their studies within the Library building. This department controls the entire resources of the Library. No card or guaranty of any sort is required, the only condition being that books shall not be taken from the room. All books that circulate for home use may be used here, a...
  • Registration for Municipal Lodging House
    Image | 1902From text: "Municipal Lodging House in Action. Every evening at 12 South Jefferson Street for the past eight months from 10 to 140 hungry and homeless men have stood up for registration. The police officer in charge separates this group into two lines, ""first nighters" and those previously sheltered. As the newcomer steps up to the desk the registration officer, with a pile...
  • Relic House
    Image | 1893Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Relic House--Near Lincoln Park. [See "Relic House."]". From text: "The most interesting and ornamental monument of the fire is the "Relic House," well known to North-Siders and Lincoln Park visitors. In 1872, when the "leavings" of the fire could be had for the asking or the trouble of picking them up, a man named Rett...
  • Remodeled house on Lincoln Park West
    Image | 1963Caption: "A remodeled house on Lincoln Park West. The cherub and wrought-iron fence and railing are additions, the paneled door original."
  • Residence of A. Carlson
    Image | 1910Caption: "Residence of Mr. A. Carlson. 6030 Sheridan Road, North Edgewater."
  • Residence of Albert G. Wheeler
    Image | 1910Caption: "East front of Mr. Albert G. Wheeler's marble residence. (Overlooking Lake Michigan.) 6355 Sheridan Road, North Edgewater." The building is now called Piper Hall and is owned by Loyola University Chicago.
  • Residence of Callistus S. Ennis
    Image | 1910Caption: "Residence of Mr. Callistus S. Ennis 1437 Pratt Ave., Rogers Park"
  • Residence of C. C. Linthicum
    Image | 1910Caption: "Residence of Mr. C. C. Linthicum 1315 Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill."
  • Residence of Charles Bosch
    Image | 1910Caption: "Residence of Mr. Charles Bosch Fargo Avenue and Birchwood Beach, Birchwood"
  • Residence of Charles Bosch
    Image | 1910Caption: "Residence of Mr. Charles Bosch View of East Front from Birchwood Beach"
  • Residence of E. D. Moeng
    Image | 1910Caption: "Residence of Mr. E. D. Moeng. 1054 Columbia Ave., Rogers Park."