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  1. Chicago For the Tourist
    Image | 1912

    Book cover. Full text: "Chicago For The Tourist Reached by the Illinois Central R. R." Image depicts Grant Park, with the Logan Statue in the foreground, and the Illinois Central Station at 11th Street and S. Michigan Avenue behind.
  2. Illinois Central Station
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Grant Park, the Lake, Michigan Boulevard and Central Station of the Illinois Central R. R."
  3. State Street
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "In the Shopping District--State Street." View is looking northeast up State Street from Madison Street.
  4. Wabash Avenue
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "In the Shopping District--Wabash Avenue." View is looking northwest up Wabash Avenue from Monroe Street.
  5. Sheridan Road, Lincoln Park
    Image | 1912

    From text: "North Side--Lincoln Park. This is the oldest park of them all and has attraction and features peculiar to itself. Among them are a beautiful and well-developed foliage, a slightly rolling contour, a "zoo" containing about 1,200 specimens, and boulevards skirting about five miles of lake front. The latter includes the famous Lake Shore Drive and the Sheridan Ro...
  6. Lincoln Park bathing beach
    Image | 1912

    also a children's bathing beach. It is reached by the North Clark Street electric car."
  7. High Bridge at Lincoln Park
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Lincoln Park--View from "High Bridge" of the Park, Mile Long Lagoon and the Lake. "High Bridge" across the Lagoon at Lincoln Park."
  8. Michigan Avenue streetwall
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Chicago's Sky Line and Water Front of the Down-Town Business District" Caption also identifies buildings in view. They are, from left to right: "Blackstone Hotel", "Harvester Building", "Congress Hotel and Annex"", "Auditorium Hotel", "Fine Arts Building", "Chicago Club", "McCormick Building", "Stratford Hotel", "Railway Exchange Building", "Theodore Thomas Orch...
  9. Lake trips from Chicago

    Map with caption: "Showing from One to Two Days' Lake Trips from Chicago, with Longer Trips Indicated."
  10. Michigan Boulevard widening
    Image | 1919

    Caption: "Michigan Boulevard Widening--Work Partly Finished."
  11. German Building at Jackson Park
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "ackson Park--The German Building (Refectory) and the Beach." The German Building was erected for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition and was one of the few structures to remain behind and became a permanent feature in Jackson Park after the fair concluded.
  12. Railway lines south from Chicago
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Illinois Central and Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroads and Connections Showing Direct Lines to Chicago." From text: "Direct to Chicago via the Illinois Central R. R. Best of daily through train service from the South[.] As shown by the opposite map, the Illinois Central, in addition to its lines in other directions, has a particularly strong group of direct l...
  13. Chicago For the Tourist
    Image | 1912

    Book cover. Full text: "Chicago For the Tourist Reached by the Illinois Central R. R." Image depicts the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Lincoln Park.
  14. Al Capone
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "His Favorite Pose" Here is an excellent likeness of Alphonse Capone, the Big Boy of Chicago Gangland, and the greatest gangster that ever lived. When King Al poses for a photograph which isn't often, he always turns his right cheek to the camera. The left one is disfigured by an ugly scar. Legend has it that Capone was struck by a machine gun bullet when he was...
  15. Jim Colosimo and Dale Winter
    Image | 1920

    Caption: "A rare photograph of "Big" Jim Colosimo and his wife, Dale Winter, taken shortly after their marriage. Note the laced shoes. Colosimo, over-lord of the Chicago underworld for twenty years, engaged Capone as his body guard when Alphonse was only a youngster." From text: "On March 29, 1920, Colosimo divorced his wife, Victoria, and on April 16 he was married to Da...
  16. Scene after Tony Lombardo's assassination
    Image | 1928

    Caption: "Tony Lombardo, King of the Mafia, and a lieutenant for Alphonse Capone. (Left) Madison and Dearborn Streets where Lombardo was assassinated one summer afternoon."
  17. Dominck Aiello's assassination site
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Dominck Aiello, minor member of the North Side gang. (Lower photograph) The last public appearance of Dominck Aiello."
  18. Scene after William McPadden's assassination
    Image | 1928

    Caption: "Not passed out, but passed n. William "Gunner" McPadden, an ally of Danny Stanton, was killed in the famous Granada Café on the eve of the New Year, 1929, by George Maloney, killer de luxe for Michael "Bubs" Quinlan, bourbon baron." The Granada Cafe was located at 68th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.
  19. Alphonse Capone and John Stege
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Alphonse Capone, released from a Philadelphia jail, set Chicago on its ears, when he appeared unheralded in the office of John Stege, Commissioner of Detectives, and blandly inquired if he was wanted for anything. Capone with his attorney was then escorted to the Federal building where the same question was put to the United States District Attorney. On the same ...
  20. Scene after shooting of Alfred Lingle
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Put On the Spot--Alfred (Jake) Lingle, Tribune reporter, was shot down in a subway, just off Randolph Street and Michigan Boulevard at 1 o'clock in the afternoon as he, with a blond youth, were hurried along with a crowd towards a train bound for the races at Washington Park. The "blond" youth stepped back a few paces, whipped out a snub-nosed revolver, shot Jake ...
  21. Mrs. Potter Palmer
    Image | 1894

    Central portrait in five-portrait montage captioned "Prominent officials of the Board of Lady Managers." Other officials depicted are: "Mrs. Susan G. Cooke, Secretary Board of Lady Managers," "Mrs. V. C. Meredith, Vice-Chairman Executive Committee, and Chairman of Committee on Awards," "Mrs. Russell B. Harrison, Vice-President at Large," and "Mrs. John A. Logan, Vice-Chairm...
  22. Residence of Hermann Weinhardt
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "Residence of West Park Commissioner Hermann Weinhardt, near Wicker Park." Weinhardt's seven-year term as West Park Commissioner began March 18, 1891 (from text).
  23. Wacker Monument in Graceland Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "Graceland.--Monument of Frederick and Catharine Wacker." From text: "Before the close of the year 1893 the number of the silent inhabitants of the necropolis Graceland will have reached 60,000. This cemetery is justly famed as one of the finest among Chicago's cities of the dead, and occupies a similar rank here as does Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, Spring Gro...
  24. Entrance to Calvary Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    From text: "The improved taste of late years in the choice of sites for cemeteries and the methods adopted for their embellishment, together with the wide-felt public interest in them, and the laws which guard them from desecration, are certainly very aptly illustrated in Calvary. ... The cemetery is located south of and adjoining the village of South Evanston, ten miles no...
  25. Gateway to Oak Woods Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "Gateway to Oakwoods (sic) Cemetery." From text: "This beautiful cemetery stands in the front rank, as one of the handsomest of Chicago's burial grounds. It is located south of 67th St. between Cottage Grove Ave. and the I. C. R. R. track. The distance from the business center is about seven miles. ... In drawing the plan for the grounds, the Association was for...
  26. Entrance to Forest Home
    Image | 1893

    in fact their equal in that respect can not be found around Chicago. No spot could be more advantageously situated than the location of Forest Home, it being fifty-six feet above the level of Lake Michigan and the crown of the water-shed between the Atlantic and the Gulf. The water running from the roof of a house on the grounds on one side finds the St. Lawrence, while th...
  27. Entrance to Waldheim Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    From text: "Situated in the town of Harlem, on the Desplaines River, and about nine miles from the city, is a German cemetery of exceptional beauty in its general aspect as well as in the tasteful and pleasing manner … Like most of the other large cemeteries, Waldheim is open to all, and makes no distinction between the believer or unbeliever, between Christian, Jew or Heat...
  28. Retail display
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Where space is valuable--a stairway display in a Chicago retail store"
  29. Central YMCA Building
    Image | 1906

    Located at 19 S. LaSalle Street. Designed by Jenney & Mundie and built in 1893.
  30. Orchestra Hall
    Image | 1906

    Located at 220 S. Michigan Avenue. Designed by D. H. Burnham & Co. and built in 1905.